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Retin-a micro comes in different strengths--.1%, .05%, etc. My question is, do all of them have the same effectiveness on acne.Also, is .1% more dryingthan a lesser strength. i'm askin because i'm using .1% and getting good results. however its very drying. i would like to know if a lower strength would have the same effective and not be as drying?

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The concentration of the drug is greater in the .1 %. Alesser strenght may be less drying, but take longer to be effective. Are you using a moisturizer during the day? Are you using evvery night or do you have an alternate night regimen?

My daughter has had very good success with Retin A micro .1% She had some problems not only with dryness, but also irritation initially. She did a regimen of on one night off three nights, then gradually built up to every night and takes a night off occasionally now if she has irritation. She has been very patient and the results are worth it. Her actual eruptions are very few now and the NUMEROUS closed comedones she once had are all but gone. She has a very smooth appearance now.

Hillary uses Mary Kay Oil Free hydrating gel and Day Solution with SPF 15 during the day and the hydtating gel at night on her "off" nights. The hydrating gel did a good job of managing the dry fuzzies she had near the beginning of therapy.

Hang in there and be patient!

Best Wishes,


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sorry to not getting replying faster.

my treatment is quite extreme: i use .1% twice a day. i think i'm really stupid for doing this. my derm didn't tell me to use it twice, its somethig i thought of. i've been doing it for about a month now. ](*,) i will have to stop and use it only once a day. so really do you think that a lower strength will be as effective as .1% in the long run?

its great thats it's going good for your daugther. is she usin any acne product in the AM? or is she just cleasning her face only? also how bad was her acne before Mirco

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I understand your frustration and eagerness to develop your own regimen to get our face to clear up quickly, but by using your RAM twice a day, you may be aggravating things by adding new problems, i.e the excessive dryness! Hillary also had a problem with an almost blisterlike irritation (red and seeping) if she used a bit too much or when using every night.

What she does in am:

Cleanse with Mary Kay Deep Cleanser or 3-in1 Cleansing Bar

Mary Kay Day Solution with SPF 15

Mary Kay Oil Free Hydrating Gel

Mary Kay Medium Coverage OIl Free foundation


Cleanse as above

Retin A Micro .1% sparingly

She is using RAM every night now, but occasionally takes a night off if she gets irrritated.

Prior to RAM her face was covered with closed comedones - forehead, cheeks, chin, nose. She always had about 20 pustules, worse around her period. Oftentimes several cysts as well.

She has not had any cystic eruptions in quite some time. The pustule breaks outs now are smaller and FAR fewer. The closed comedones now are only a few and smaller flatter. For awhile she had a lot of redness from healing areas, which is now fading.

Try following your derm's prescription and add a moisture or hydrating product during the day to help with the dryness. Don't forget sunscreen!

Hillary had tried all kinds of stuff before....salicylic acid, drying cleansers, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur and glycloic acid washes and facials. We have never done the antibiotic or hormone route. I have beed a nurse for 20 years and have some very personal opposition to these therapies due to things I have seen over the years. They may be effective, but it is long term consequences that concern me.

Good luck!


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