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Ok so I feel like I'm having serious problems with Accutane first it was chest pain that turned out to be arthritis in the chest and now its head problems :cry: Any way I just had a severe sharp pain run through my head near the temple area and I was just wondering if any one else has experienced this while on Accutane?

Thnaks alot

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Yeah, I had some sharp pain at the very beginning of accutane. The best you can do right now is drink water, rest as much as you can and avoid being behind your screen. Paracetamol helps, too, and lying down on the hard floor, closing your eyes and breathing. These are random techniques I use for when I have them. Accutane only tended to make them sharper and more frequent but now they're gone!

Hope yours go away soon, try not to focus on it too much. Good luck!!!

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Thanks for the advice :) I will def give it a try and yea I have been getting regular bloodwork and its fine but yea I have a Doctors app because now its moved to the back of my head and my neck and when ever I bend my neck back it feels cold for some odd reason. The thing is that it does not feel cold on the surface but on in the inside of my neck if that makes sense I know its weird I have never felt this before thats why I'm def going to the Doctor.

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My derm mentioned something that you should only worry if you have PERSISTENT headaches toward the back of your head. Just try taking tylenol/motrin until the pain subsides!

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