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Using the All Natural Regimen

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First some introduction: Hi! I'm a 19 years old male bearing acne for the last 6 years starting from when I was still 13 years old.

Then some acne background information: It was when I was 13 years old that my first pimple appeared. Being young and misinformed about acne, as most of us are when we first encounter it since we do not care about it when we don't have it, I decided to use safeguard soap to wash my face believing what the mainstream media and doctors were saying that time that it is bacteria that's causing pimples to appear is true. After that, my nightmare has begun.

Acne spread through my face and my confidence crumbled to the ground. Then I consult my parents and they told me it's "probably" in the blood and I should just continue using soap and water to my face for it to go away. But the "going away" part didn't happen and my face looked worse than before. I tried BP, Eskinol, even Alcohol and a lot more that I can't and don't want to remember anymore. Some have no effect, some subsided the "from-pimple-to-now-acne problem" a little bit but it is still there and I know it and other made it worse. My face also looks always tired, pale, dull and lifeless. After all this I tried water only washing but still breaking out. So I thought normal cleansers would do it but still breaking out. Before this regimen I am into the proactive 3-step system. It did clear some of the acne but it is still there and pimples are still appearing every now and then and takes like forever to heal. On top of that, they leave red marks that seems to stay forever! It would be the worse. And it says that you should continue using it like forever in your life to stay clear. BUT with a pale, dull and lifeless looking face? NO WAY!

A couple of weeks back I was seriously considering accutane. Checking out all the logs here on accutane and the logs and reviews on the web regarding it. I am about to check my student insurance too if they would cover my accutane sessions. Luckily it was holiday season and so it did not happen. At first the results I am reading seems to me as remarkable as if it was a miracle. Days passed and I realized that the side effects were horrible. I looked into Dan's Regimen and made a thought on how to do it given that I can't afford and order it. So I was looking into alternatives. While I am on it, I came across a signature from jan carlo and it was talking about something about natural healing of acne so I looked into it. Doing a research on it showed that there are also other people that have undergone the same thing. I studied it further searching how and why then epiphany struck me making me realize all the misinformation I've had been fed through mainstream media, popular culture and by society itself. And finally here I am into a radical regimen with nothing but nature at work!

The Regimen: I am going to live on this radical regimen that consist of recovery then living a healthy fulfilling lifestyle. You can read about it here:

You will notice that I am also the one who wrote that regimen. But if you followed my acne background then you will know it is not me who discovered this regimen. I simply synthesized their experiments, experience and with the know-how of skin biology that resulted into this .

Check out my album to see the corresponding pictures for this log, I suggest that you sort it in ascending order to picture out the time line. Don't worry, I made it as simple as I could.

Now onto the log

Day 2

I considered this day two as I remember the last time I washed my face was the the other day when I took a bath. At that time I am confused whether to try it out now or later because of the things that will happen. But then again the thought of having pale face and still having acne struck me and I unconsciously decided not to wash my face at that time with proactive anymore. Now I officially will be sticking into this regimen no matter what happens(good or bad). My face on day one as far as I can remember is pale, dull and lifeless after washing then becomes oily after 2-4 hours later.

Right now my face is oily everywhere except on the chin and jaw line. I took pictures of my today's condition and will put them up once ready. Another thing worth note taking is that every time I sleep with oily face in these past 2 days, I wake up with healthy looking face. Though not a normal healthy skin yet but still much better than when I was still using proactive. Another thing is sitting in front of the computer for prolonged hours makes my face oily compared to the little to no oil I saw in the afternoon while I was out to the mall.

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Day 3

I was online yesterday but was busy with many things and so was not able to update. So here's the condition of my skin yesterday and with some interesting stuffs that happened:

  • On the night of day two I was not able to sleep till morning, so basically I was awake for 48 hours before I slept on day 3's night.
  • my face was very oily while staying awake that night then I decided to take a rest before going to school on day 3. I rested for one hour lying on my bed and when I decided to get up to get ready for school I was really stunned to see that the oil that built up during day 2's endeavors are not there! So I went to school on day 3 with a very pleasant feeling even if I did not wash my face because it looks pretty healthy and skin tone is improving.
  • the sad thing about having to go out of my house that my face is being exposed to lots of dirt and smoke. But still at the end of the day my face doesn't look like garbage at all so I guess I can still go on with this regimen.
  • as always, I stayed in front of my computer for too long and my face got very oily. So I went to sleep with oily face.
  • took pictures of my face, back and upper arms. I also have acne on my back and on the upper parts of my arm.
  • shaved my chin trying my best not to irritate it.

Day 4

Staying up awake for 48 hours the other day, I am afraid that today I am going to break out bad today, but to my surprise that did not happen!

  • Skin not oily when I woke up and still looking healthier and skin tone better, at this time after 8 hours my nose and cheeks are not that oily anymore, though I can say that it still has oil but is not too much because it is not super shiny the way it used to back when I was still on topicals. Too bad my forehead is still shiny though. :(
  • Now, I believe I am starting to experience the worst part of this regimen. I noticed a little bit of flaking on my cheeks and nose which for me signals the start of the dreaded excessive flaking of dead skin cells.
  • I also noticed whiteheads appearing on my nose as if they were invading it, before it used to be only blackheads on my nose and now it looks like chessboard with white and black things sticking out of the pores. I know this is gross, and you'll know too once I put up the pictures, but my conviction on sticking to this regimen is still now waving even for one bit.
  • 2 pimple popped up on my chin where I shaved on so I guess my shaving is still causing irritation on my skin so I'm going to try another method.
  • I also noticed some red things on my cheeks. I do not know what these are yet. They could be the red marks left by my pimples there in the past or in worst case would be the impending break out I am about to experience due to staying up for 48 hours.
  • to be honest, right now I feel the urge to wash my face every time I think about it's current condition. I believe this is a residue of the mind conditioning this society did to me and so I know I will not give in to this.
  • to clear things out, this mind conditioning is not intentional but society assumed things without even fully understanding it so here we are now battling acne :|

Will put up all the pictures I have gathered until this day once they're ready.

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^- If you can wash without soap then I guess it would be more closer to this regimen. And do you better in the long run.

Day 5

  • Face looks worse than when I was in proactive or normal cleansers. Very gross I might say, but luckily no one comments at school on how my face looks though I am getting a few looks from my friends. They are probably starting to notice changes in my previous almost clear face. My faith in this regimen still not wavering.
  • Oiliness is subsiding but may be due to that I am writing this only 8 hours after I woke up this morning.
  • Starting to flake today! Yay! I'm pretty glad to be reassured that this regimen would work for me too. But still I'll see how it goes in my case.
  • I noticed flaking on the unknown red marks I saw yesterday which shows that they are not pimples and will not become one. I am inclined to believe that this red marks are what's left of my pimples in the past on my cheeks which was cleared months or years ago by panoxyl(BP), normal cleansers and proactive.
  • I am also inclined to conclude that BP doesn't really clear the red marks that pimples leave and simply hide it. No scientific explanation but this is the only thing I can come up with base on my experience and knowledge.
  • If what I conclude about BP is correct then I can conclude that this regimen will correct the results of your mistakes in the past to restore healthy clear skin. And it is possible that I would have spotless skin in the future! I really do hope for this one!
  • The pustules I got yesterday due to irritating shaving is healed and drying up now! And the best thing here is that I didn't even have to pop the pus out. Again, another sign that in this regimen, pimples heal faster than when in BP.
  • I suspect that the cause of my irritating shaving is a overused blade. So gonna change it the next time I shave and see how it goes. Btw, I'm using Gillette mach3. If this still doesn't work then I'll try a two bladed razor since that is what Dan said to be most gentle.
  • I'll be honest with this as much as I can so here's another confession, all this time in this regimen I am not living a healthy lifestyle because I sleep too little for like 4-6 hours only every night and I didn't sleep at all on day 2's night. I am also constantly eating junk foods(few only though, i.e. 1 pack of cream-o and the like) when I am hungry in between meals. I am now excited to see how this will affect this regimen. Though still hoping for the best!
Pictures still not up due to many things happening on my life these past few days. I can't even remember if I ever had a free time these days.
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it would definitely be useful to have before and after pictures so that we can see objectively if there is improvement or not

Already have them uploaded to my album. Just waiting for the approval. I'm shy! :redface:

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Argh, I just realized that it's hard to keep up updating and uploading pictures with all angles. So from now on, I'll take pictures of only those with noticeable changes.

Day 6

  • someone came to me asking where did I get my sunburn today at school! i'm taken a back and cannot make a comeback statement so I just smiled and stayed quiet. Though thinking about it, I should have just joked it around making him and myself more comfortable. But still, I'm happy that I don't look as bad as I think to others. Probably, because they do not know what I am going through(not washing face). XD
  • noticeable reduction in redness of the red marks. though under daylight, they become so obvious because of my healthier skin color and more even skin tone. I want them to flake fast!
  • flaking on my eyebrows making it itchy. I try my best not to touch it but sometimes I unconsciously reach for it. I believe this is because of the ProActive cleanser with BP reaching the skin where my eyebrows grow. Another thing about using ProActive, everytime I use it I loose one or two hairs from my eyebrows and sometimes more than that. Really got me scared that time will come where I have no eyebrows anymore. Would look really weird. :lol:
  • I also observed that the oil on my cheeks is now well absorbed even though I am writing this before I go to bed tonight and being on pc for too long(before it used to be so oily).
  • my forehead is still producing excessive oil. I suspect that this is due to my bangs. Probably causing irritation? But I don't feel anything there and no breakouts too except for a couple of pimples here and there. So, I'll leave it alone until oiliness subsides on it's own.
  • every time I feel shy or embarrassed or being self-conscious, I feel a stingy feeling on different areas on my face that I want to scratch. The thing I do is to lightly damp my handkerchief on that area to at least divert the attention of the nerve endings feeling it.
  • I also observed that sebum irritates the eyes when it finds it's way into the eye. It gives this very stingy feeling and tearing of the eyes can't do anything on it. What I do is to wash my eyes with water without letting the water reach the surrounding area of skin.
  • overall, my face still looks decent when one or two feet away. This is enough for my social needs though I try to avoid it as much as possible.
  • feeling very enthusiastic with this regimen and have a very positive outlook.

Pictures uploaded, simply waiting for the approval.

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Woot! Pictures are now up! Check my album to see them, I suggest that you sort it in ascending order to picture out the time line.

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I forgot to make my album public. :lol:

Please be prepared mentally, physiologically and emotionally on what you are about to see! Anyway, go check it out now! Okay, just kidding on the the first part but go see it. :)

Day 7

  • horrible looking face with the dead skin cells on my skin flaking. Thinking twice whether to go to school or not. But I decided to give it a go and just got excited thinking what would be their reaction. If asked, I'll tell them that my sunburn is flaking. :lol:
  • 6 very small pustules showed up around my mouth. though they don't bother me much because of their size.
  • flakes of dead skin cells found their way onto my hair while sleeping. Shampooed my hair to remove them and also due to bad odor XD. Btw, I observed that if I let my hair get oily, it looks much more healthy and there's a drastic reduction in my dandruff too.
  • I noticed that my cheeks are not oily anymore. Still feels oily but when I looked in the mirror there's no shine or whatsoever. Forehead too showed reduction of oiliness. I think it is half oily now compared to yesterday.
  • I also realized that the itching is actually due to direct sunlight and not my shyness. It was just a coincidence I get shy under the sun because I am thinking that people are staring at me even though it is not true. Gotta strengthen my mind power!
  • Redness is observed on areas where my acne usually flares up that all those chemicals cleared in the past.
  • Overall face is not looking good even if two or four feet away. This is the worst so far that I endured in this regimen. And it is only the 3rd day of flaking. More to come and on school days too. F*ck! Still optimistic! :lol:
  • Update on my bacne, they are starting to dry up from just using water without soap.
  • Took pictures again, check the album after 24 hours due to approval waiting.
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Day 9

  • There's no more flaking on my right eyebrow when I woke up this morning, the flakes fall off on their own. My left eyebrow is still flaking but it looks like they too will fall off tomorrow morning.
  • Cheeks still with the redness and flaking.
  • I observed that the red marks I saw on my cheeks before I started flaking is now starting to appear on my forehead. It seems that my forehead will flake anytime soon. Looking forward to it!
  • 3 of the pustules left around my mouth persisted and are now large enough to be noticed. I'll just let them dry themselves out.
  • Will put up pictures I took today.
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Day 10

  • I made a mistake, I scratched off the flakes on my left eyebrow before I slept to remove them before school tomorrow. I felt irritation like hell to the point that I want to scratch it more but I resisted. When I woke up, flaking started once again but this time I won't interfere no matter what happens.
  • There's no more flaking on my right eyebrow and it feels normal skin once again. At last! :lol:
  • The redness on my cheeks faded, thanks to flaking. And the marks left turned to brown and continues on flaking.
  • The red mark on my forehead just above my left eyebrow started flaking.
  • All the pimples I have continues to dry.
  • Not feeling very well, my body is having a hard time coping up with extreme changes in the weather from cold to hot then to cold again. :rolleyes:
  • Didn't have the time to take pictures today, will take some tomorrow.
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I have a quick question. Has anyone at school noticed that you haven't been washing your face?

No one. As long as you don't mention it they won't notice it.

Here's an interesting experiment of a woman not washing her body for 40 days and 40 nights. Though she took an extreme one of not doing anything like body wash and toothbrush which I certainly do not want to get through. :lol:

Take note of the moment she told the other mothers what she is going through and she got a very interesting reaction. The Soapless Experiment

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Day 11

  • I kept touching my face throughout the day feeling it. I noticed that the more I touch it the more I feel itchiness. If I leave it alone I don't feel a thing.
  • The red patch above my left eyebrow is spreading on my forehead. And it itch a lot. Also flaking a day after it appeared. So I expect it to be the same with my cheeks in these coming days.
  • The flaking on my cheeks subsided. And I can see signs of healthy skin on areas where the flakes have fallen.
  • My face seems like it has this layer of something above it all over my nose and cheeks. I don't know about the other areas though probably the same.
  • My eyebrows kept on flaking this whole day.
  • When I am thinking too much about my skin, I sleep.
  • All of my pimples are continuously drying.
  • A couple of small new pimples appear everyday, but they are not noticeable and goes away fast.
  • Took pictures once again, check my album after 24 hours.
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I have a quick question. Has anyone at school noticed that you haven't been washing your face?

No one. As long as you don't mention it they won't notice it.

Here's an interesting experiment of a woman not washing her body for 40 days and 40 nights. Though she took an extreme one of not doing anything like body wash and toothbrush which I certainly do not want to get through. :lol:

Take note of the moment she told the other mothers what she is going through and she got a very interesting reaction. The Soapless Experiment

The link didn't work :(

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Day 12

  • I made another big mistake! I shaved with a new two-bladed razor and wetting only with water. As I wet my chin and mustache with water I saw all the dead skin cells surfacing because they absorbed the water.
  • While shaving I felt irritation like hell on my chin. I think I am scraping off not only hair but skin as well due to the sharp blade. :( Up until this night while writing this I feel hot and irritated on my chin. Trying my best not to touch it to avoid making it worse.
  • After shaving, I decided to scrub off all the wet part of the dead skin that got wet. After doing this, I saw the difference on the color of the new healthy smooth skin underneath the dead skin I scrubbed off and the nearby areas.
  • It was too obvious that you can say I have a foundation of dirt on upper part of my face comparing it on the part were dead skin was removed. So I decided to remove dead skin up until my ears but not the cheeks area to at least even out the color.
  • The things I learned today, the dead skin is all over my face. And it is the layer that absorbs all the dirt and pollution I get outside while my skin underneath is healing.
  • This really do work for me, I only need to give it the time it needs.
  • Gonna trim only from now on.
  • I won't be surprised if I breakout around my mouth area. :(
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Been reading up on your progress and it's been nice to see how each day is coming along for you. I wish you the best of luck. I've just started this "caveman" regimen today and hoping it will do for me what it's done for others. I think irritation is definitely one of the main problems, "unknown irritations/irritants" being the #1 underlying problem.

I wonder if diabetics will experience longer waiting times for their skin and natural shedding the flakes and dead skin?

Have you experienced much itchiness on your face? Mine has been itching like crazy today and it takes all my willpower not to scratch >_<

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I'll see if I can get a hand on an electric shaver. And yeah, I'm really disappointed that I had to scrub it off. :(

@Move Along 86

I haven't heard of a diabetic person tried this so I cannot comment on that. But if you are willing too then we will have an idea soon. =)

I feel so much itchiness when I touched my whole face to feel it's situation. no touch=no itch

Keep yourself busy doing other things to forget about your skin as well as the itchiness or sleep if you can, those are what I do.

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Day 14

  • Red blotchy patches appeared on my chin and itch like hell.
  • Dead skin patches on nose and cheeks.
  • Dead skin mask on the whole face.
  • Small pimples appear then disappear.
  • Red marks fading but still visible.
  • I can no longer take the thought of talking to people with a face full of dead skin. Even if they don't know or they don't care.
  • Tweaked my regimen with I am Snow's approach: Live life as if you don't have acne.
  • Took a bath letting water flow on my face for the first time in two weeks.
  • Scraped off the dead skin mask with my fingernails as gentle as I can.
  • Scraping revealed the healthy smooth clear skin below the dead skin mask. :)
  • My face feels a little bit tight but not dry an hour after the bath.

Day 15

  • No breakouts. Still a couple of little pimple here and there and is healing fast.
  • My chin is still flaking a little.
  • Gonna continue I am Snow's approach.
  • Gonna put up pictures taken today.
  • After putting up the pictures, I'll stay away from this forum.
  • Gonna report when I feel like it.
  • Good luck to all.
  • Gonna live life as if I have no acne.

  • This is a afternoon report after I took shower.
  • My face is so red all over after shower even though I only let water flow over my face.
  • Immediately realized that my skin is still recovering and is sensitive.
  • Cut off I am Snow's approach and returned to no washing.
  • Decided to only wash face if excessive dirt build up on face is observed.
  • Failed to take pictures.
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Day 28

  • I must say this, I'm free from acne now! Though I still have a couple of inflamed zits but I can't consider that acne can I?
  • What is left is an acne-aftermath. Red marks, blemishes and some scars.
  • My nose is a mess right now. Check my album to see why.
  • Jaw and chin lines are a mess too with the acne-aftermath.
  • The rest of the skin looks healthy and my overall tone is so normal! Though not yet clear but red marks and blemishes fades with time, right?
  • I'm feeling so great these past few days that sometimes I simply forget that I have acne at all! I believe this is because I don't have a routine care for my face anymore.
  • If this continues, I'd be clear by the end of this year. Yeah!!! :lol:
  • Btw, I can say that I am now living a complete healthy lifestyle. I recently started working out my ass and it certainly helps in making me feel good. Gonna exercise for the rest of my life.
  • I let sweat air dry on my face but I pat dripping sweat. Sweat seems to help a lot with my face.
  • Uploaded latest picture though only the forehead pic has a time, I forgot to turn it on. XD
  • Good luck to you all! This is so awesome!
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Day 32

  • Still, no breakout.
  • Face is still not oily.
  • Made a crazy thing today. I decided to scrape off the patch of dead skin on my nose!
  • It revealed a new skin! Though I think it is two weeks early considering the 27 day skin renewal cycle but I can't face valentines day with them on my face, right!?
  • My theory that excessive oil holds dead skin on your face until it heals is now proven with this experience!
  • My goodness!!! I simply feel so great!
  • Uploaded photos of my nose just after I finished scraping. Notice the difference on the color of old skin compared to the new one.
  • I believe that our environment is a deciding factor on the color of our skin and so this difference in mine will even out soon. It's not noticeable anyway.
  • I also observed that my skin obviously renewed itself comparing it's new tone to the old skin's tone around my eye which didn't flake one bit. Though the skin on my nose is still not yet healed, fresh and might be delicate since I forcefully removed it's protection of dead skin patch.
  • Looking forward to valentines day!!!


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Day 37

  • Okay, a life changing event happened this valentine's day. Too personal to log in here. =.=
  • Back to my skin, so I decided to hasten the fading of the red marks.
  • I heard about turmeric so I gave it a go starting yesterday night.
  • I used pure turmeric juice.
  • I washed my jaw and chin line with water then I slather the turmeric juice on the problem areas and left it overnight.
  • I woke up today and in the bath, I washed it off with water. Though the yellow stain is still there but my complexion blends it in so no problem. ;)
  • I'm hoping for the best!
  • Took pictures for before and after purposes.
  • Best wishes to all of you out there!
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