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OK so I have been reading on here and I have some questions.

First of all I am 16. I have mild to moderate acne and neither of my parents has acne.

Right now I am using a BP facewash and BP cream. I believe both are 10% BP. People on here say that your face becomes dependent on those. Should I stop using them? I really want to grow out of my acne. Obviously, haha.

Also would steaming my face once or twice a week be a good idea? When you steam should you wash your face before, after, both or just rinse it with water?

And say I drop using BP totally what would a good thing to do be? Should I get a basic facial cleanser or can I just use baking soda or something. And is there anything I should replace the BP cream with? like vinegar?


Say I was to go with a completely natural method, no BP or any chemicals. Just basic household stuff what would be good?

I am think right now:

washing with a tea tree oil face wash

using vinegar

exfoliating with baking soda

steaming once a week with salt

Oh and vitamin e oil? Does anyone recommend that?

Thanks in advance for helping me out

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A lot of people have had success with a weaker version of BP. I don't know if the products you use are making your skin dry or red but if they are then you might want to use a 2.5% BP but I really don't know a lot about it.

I use cetaphil as a cleanser, my dermatologist told me that its good just to have a very basic cleanser. I don't think that vinegar (apple cider vinegar you are probably thinking of) would replace BP. I started to use it and it doesn't really control my acne lot but it helped with redness and slightly reduced the amount of breakouts I got.

I steamed my face over the summer and I got bad results. It's better to stick with washing your face with lukewarm water.

(I'm 15 btw)

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Dude, they did have success on BP but they became dependent on it for life. BP makes your skin face look dull and uneven skin tone. Are you prepared to pay that price of having a clear skin forever in your life?

I suggest you check out this thread:

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Well I don't know...

I really don't think that your face will become dependent on BP. Teenage acne is mostly because of hormones that will go away (in most cases) when you are 20-21.

Maybe it is just me, but I am going to stick with my 10% BP. Actually it isn't making my face red at all.

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