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Documenting my TCA Cross experience (with pics)

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Hello everybody I recently purchased a TCA cross kit, I got it last month. I've had it since the 19th but I was out of town for the Holidays and just came back so I'm ready to try it out and I'm gonna need your support and advice :)

The primary reason I want to document my experience is to help others in my position, also I'd like to share my learning experience with everybody.

First off The kit is the 99.9% TCA cross kit from Perfectcompexion. The reason? acne scars, icepick and boxcar scars.

I would like to hear peoples input and opinions. Also it would be really helpful if anybody who has done it could maybe give me some tips they've picked up from previous experiences using TCA.

Here are some pictures of what my acne scarring looks like:





Here's the kit and everything it came with:






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lets go

I also bought the kit of perfect complexion. Done the cross twice, no major improvements yet, still hoping.

Have you done a cross yet?

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Hello btheont. No I haven't done one yet, I'm gonna start Sunday night. So how long did you wait between your treatments?

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i've done tca cross on myself. I made the tca solution myself. I must say i didn't see any dramatic improvement, infact i've caused some ice-pick scars to broden out into wide scars.

maybe i'm doing tca wrong, but i've stoped

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pbb I hope it works because if it does chances are it'll work for you since you say your skin looks almost identical.. let's hope.

Oh and what kind of TCA were you using sanjoseskin?

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My scars are different than yours plus I'm Asian so take what I saw with your own cavaets.

IMO TCA Cross works best for scars that have well defined borders, i.e. ice picks and boxcars.

Looking at your scars it seems many of them are more like material is unevenly missing. What you should understand more than anything else is that there is the risk your scars will become worse and they will surely at least look worse while your skin heals.

I'm specificly cautioning you that if you TCA Cross one of those not so clearly defined scars those soft parts may change into jagged outline. Now in the long after a year and many cross it may look much better than when you started; but I certainly don't guarantee that and that is probably the reason why many people feel it didn't work for them.

Something else you should know is that the recovery for each scar is different, the "healthier" each scar is the better it will respond to the tca in my opinion.

All in all, I would cross one scar to see how it reacts that you can leave with if it goes horribly wrong.

I would never personally cross my nose (imo bad idea and in my case no need) or anything small enough I can live with.

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