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Natural Treatments. Help?

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Hi Everyone,

I'm 21 yrs . old and have had acne for 8 years. I have Severe acne( whiteheads, cysts, lesions, you name it!) with deep scarring on my Right side of my face and some on the jaw and neck line. On my left side of my face I have acne scarring but it's not severe at all. I've been using Dans regie for about 10 months now along with taking Zinc 50 mg chelated and it works great. My face hasn't been breaking out everyday like it used to. and sthere has been improvement in scarring :)

I would llike to know can anyone recommend or suggest to me any products or natural treatments for helping deep scarring to disappear in a better way?


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Add a b-complex or a good multi, vitamin C throughout the day, and Fish oil or eat fish. The B, C and zinc are the first things that ever helped me. Made my skin a lot less oily and I rarely had any inflamed acne on my face. I didn't add the fish oil until after my skin cleared. See my sig or log.

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For adults I hear taking sulfur is good. Sulfur spot treatments can be used as well with a gentle cleanser.

Unfortunately for me, I'm allergic to sulfur. It doesn't do me justice. I got clear in 4 weeks on this regimen...completely natural.


B Complex (with C)

Zinc - a must for getting rid of acne

Chlorophyll- Good for skin, because I dont get enough green veggies


E for healing

Coq10 for cellular regeneration

ChasteBerry to balance hormones

Fish oil for even skin tone and moisture

I'm going to be taking turmeric in the pill form.


Drink lots of green and rooibos tea because they are anti-inflammatory.

Lots of water.

No soda or sugary drinks.

Limit sugar

No breads or glutens

Little dairy

Lots of lean meat. Little red meat.

Lots of fruits, veggies and nuts!




Jojoba Oil

Vitamin C Cleanser

Sometimes BP (Bad for skin though)


Mineral Makeup


Vitamin C Cleanser

Jojoba Oil to remove makeup

Apple cider vinegar as a toner

Sometimes BP (once again, bad for skin but sometimes needed for spot treatment)


Other habits: I use a honey mask mixed with turmeric more than once a week. I try to sleep well and I workout at least 45 minutes a day.

And yes, I went from a freaking mess to 95% clear and fading scars in less than 4 weeks.

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