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Hello, I am Korean 21 Male and I was wondering why I am still getting pimples? I have almost no active acne, but I get like these weired scar things that are left over and my red marks seem permanent!! I am currently trying to use Komenuka Whitening Serum.. Anyone else try this stuff and how was it? I wish i fit into my stereotype of having good skin. Oh yeah and most of my acne is on the chin! and that is where my weired scab/scar/red mark thing is.. Does omega-3 help make my skin healthier and less acne/red marks? I am also wondering what you members think about Korean people and their looks compared to other asian societies. This is not racist.. Just wondering, Thx

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It would be best if you had a talk with a reputable dermatologist first. I had very active acne, which is now clearing up only to leave flat red spots on my face, too. My dermatologist told me that it's only temporary and will soon fade away. He was right; they are, but slowly. I'm of Korean descent, too and I know what you mean by "wishing" you can fit into the stereotype or whatever, but it all depends on the person, I think.

Think of it this way, at least you don't have active acne.

But, for your red spots, you can consider laser treatment if you wish.

I'm waiting for that day to come for me.

Well, good luck !

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Actually come to think of it i really rarely see koreans with acne although i don't see many koreans where i live and at school. But i do wonder if your acne is caused by your diet, although i don't know much about korean food but when i do go out for korean food its usually extremely spicy and meaty which is why i usually avoid dining at korean restaurants (no offence).

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