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Important, help needed urgently.

Please, somebody help.

I'm really frustrated. I've been using Dan's regimen for about 3 or more months. During the regimen, I have experienced clearing, at first reasonably little, then alot. So now, I'm practically clear. Really, I am clear, but I just get like, say, one or two zits every three or four weeks. So that's not my problem.

But now. I have milia. And I don't know if this is true, but I think they are spreading. (Also the general texture of my skin looks like SHIT in daylight, not cause of scarring but milia and stuff)

Now I researched online, and I found out to get rid of them, you'd need to get them extracted. This would leave red marks (even if for just a week) but I can't let that happen, cause I got too much milia.

So now to the cause...I read milia can be caused by moisturizers, face products, creams, ect.

Now I think either Eucerin renewal is causing it, or bp or both!

What the hell do I do? Can I just quit the regimen, would my acne come back?

Also, I've got some Saylic acid soap, and I read it would be good against milia AND acne, so should I just use that instead?

What kind of moisturizer can I use?

SORRY it's so long, but I REALLY REALLY need answers.

P.S. ( I don't have money, time, or transportation to see a derm)

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I don't know what's causing it. If you do stop the regimen, chances are your skin will return to it's pre-regimen status.

In the meantime, make an appointment with your derm and see what he/she says to do.


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