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On regimen for six months, but have a question about skin tone

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Hello all, I've been a member for about six months now, but had to recreate a username because not only did I forget what my username was, but also forgot what e-mail I used. Oops. Anyway, I've been on the regimen for roughly the same amount of time.

In the morning, I wash with the Basis soap bar, and moisturize with cocoa butter lotion.

In the evening, I apply a AHA for one minute, wash with the Basis soap bar, apply a 10% (or 4.7%) BP cream, and then moisturize with cocoa butter cream.

My skin (acne-wise) has become mostly flawless. I'll honestly say my skin has never felt better.

HOWEVER, I've noticed that my skin lacks an even tone. My nose and under eye area are a little blotchy, and I'm trying to fix this. It's always been a problem with me, so I know it isn't the regimen. I've been using the cocoa butter/cream for this exact reason; and while they are both excellent moisturizers, I can't say they even tone out.

Anyone have any ideas, experiences?

Thanks so much,


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Its good that you are clear from acne. that's very good indeed.

The fact that you are acne-free will contribute to your marks ever decreasing over time, as they can only go away and new marks from acne are not being generated.

However, I think if you use aha (Dan's or otherwise) and leave it on instead of washing it off it would have a much better effect on the red marks fading away. Apply bp as usual after washing your face, then put on aha and leave it on as a moisturizer before going to sleep , or you can always apply moisturiser on top of it. Have you tried this?it should help with red marks and not interfere with the regimen, as having to do other products which do interfere.

Hope that helps ;)

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I haven't tried that (leaving AHA on). I do not use Dan's AHA, but use another kind that says to leave on for 1 - 3 minutes and then wash off. I'll have to try leaving it on for a week and see how my skin feels.

Thanks for the advice!

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2 things:

1) You should buy a new aha that is meant to leave on - like Dan's. You can find some locally from a store, select a good brand and buy 8-10% concentrations. Leaving your aha on when its specifically says 1-3 mins on the product would not do.

2) Also a week might not be enough to tell whether its really good for you or not. You may have read that a small initial breakout follows starting to use an aha product, so you might expect that even though you've been using aha as a wash. And you may not notice a difference in tone after a week - without treatment tone takes months to go back to normal after acne so you should really give it a fair test. lol.

good luck and congrats on your clearing up of acne :)

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