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The Grand Finally?

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Well here I am updating my condition after over 110 days on Accutane. To start off, to this day I still haven't had 100% clear skin since I've started. Certainly the cystic acne has diminished considerably, which is great. More on that in a minute. Basically I've had a least one active bump on my face throughout the entire course so far. The left side of my face has been clear for a couple of weeks now which is great. The problem has been the right side. About a week ago I got a bump on my right side which is now healing. About three days ago I felt another one forming and figured another one of the same size was creeping in. Well here I sit now, and let me tell you what...this thing is HUGE!! I havent had a cyst this size in at least a couple months. Is this some kind of grand finally thats getting out of my system? Hell there's actually another third bump forming close to the monster cyst. Meanwhile the left side of my face is still fine. I just don't understand this drug sometimes. I mean, I haven't had any oil for months now yet here I am plagued by this beast of a cyst on my face. It's starting to look like even the juggernaut Accutane won't be able to defeat my acne. :(

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Dude just go on a second course i've been on tane for 2.5 years straight (I know wtf 2.5 Years is waaay too long) i just recently stopped about a month ago it takes time just ask your doc to prescribe smaller dose like 40mg or even lower but be on it longer

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