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Initial Breakout?

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I'm not sure if what I am going through is the dreaded "initial breakout" that everyone talks about. Since I have been on amnesteem, (2 months) I have had the worst acne of my life. There has been no break from it or no improvement. Every morning it gets worse. They are almost all cysts, about 5-9 actives at a time. I have heard on here of multiple breaks outs, but not one lasting a month and a half. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Will this get better?

I would really appreciate ANY feedback or advice.



80 mg per day.

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I have heard of some IBs lasting as long as 2 months, and some users don't see improvement until the very last month of treatment. What is your dosage? How would you classify the severity of your acne before starting treatment? Honestly, hang in there, because sooner or later it will clear you up and you will understand what all the hype is about.

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For me , even though my acne was mild , it got worse for the first 3 months I would say. Then in the beginning of third month I started seeing some positive changes/improvements but it still was a kind of rollercoaster . Then beginning of fourth month , dramatic results , I didn't get a single pimple in the last 3 weeks and now im 5 months in and I have another month left. Long story short , judging from the fact that you are only 2 months in , I think your situation is totally normal so please keep your head up because let me tell you lol I know how much of a pain in the ass the first 2-3 months are but in the end you will end up clear and being clear is absolutely amazing and you really want to stick with it(accutane).


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