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Little veins

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I've had redness induced by seborrheic dermatitis since I was 14, it's on both sides of my nose. The flakes are gone, but the redness REFUSES to disappear. No matter what I do and the doctor refuses to give me creams against the redness, saying it will go away by itself, which is not happening for the year and a half I've been seeing him for.

However, I recently noticed a lot of tiiny veins in the same area as where I have the sd, are those curable with some creams or whatever? Worth seeing the derm for? Also, what are they called?

Thank yoouu very much.

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There is a way to get rid of the veins - the cheapest way is to go to a skin center that injects saline in them to collapse the vein. It is the most affordable over laser treatment. It is about $175 vs. the more pricey laser treatments. Laser treatment is an option you will hear of I am sure if you contact some local skin centers.

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im not sure but ... i dont think you norammly getthose little veins on teh nose from seb derm ... maby you have roseacea as quite a few people who have rosoeca also have seb derm .... agaion im not sure about this so its best to wait for someone else to reply

sos bout the speeling

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