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Forget the name...but I'm starting on these pull-apart pills

My last resort is Accutane, but for the last 2 months or so I've been using this regimen:

Brevoxyl Creamy Wash

Clindamycin Topical Solution

Retin-A Micro - 0.04%

I really didn't see any significant results...so my derm has prescribed me this pill that you can pull apart, with very tiny bead type of pills inside, like the size of a sprinkle...has anyone used something like this before? I'm hoping this does it and I don't have to go on Accutane.

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If you tried everything including the regimen and NOTHING seems to work and make a difference, then don't wait and go on accutane.

I'm telling you, don't wait and go see a derm. I've waited way too long and started scarring before I decided to go on accutane. I should have done this years ago. But at least, now I know that accutane is my last resort.

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Like I said, it didn't make any SIGNIFICANT changes...my skin did look clearer, but if you don't use it for 1 or 2 days, it comes back...so I'm starting an antibiotic that will take about 2 months to kick in...we'll see what happens with it.

If that doesn't work...then I am going on accutane. I just wish there was some other form of it...I hate taking pills.

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The pill colors may be different, but I'm taking doxy and its half yellow and blue. The yellow part is transperant and has the beads inside. Maybe this is what you meant?

At any rate im in the same boat here. I'm currently on and have been on for about 14 weeks, differin/doxy/cindamycin. It hasn't much helped me at all. Last time I went to the derm he said it was getting down to the wire as what to prescribe. I'm going this work and letting him know my thoughts and that I'd like to start on accutane. I'll see what happens I guess.

Good luck with your regimen though, and I hope it works!

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Doryx - 110MG capsule EC w/ food


Beroxyl Creamy Wash

Retin-A Micro 0.04%

Doryx - 110 MG capsule EC

The Doryx is supposed to take up to 2 months to kick in..but alreay after about 3 days me face is beginng to look a bit clearer. We'll see what happens!

Comments are welcomed!

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