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my bf left me cuz i had bad acne. i wrote a poem that explans my feelings. i hope you like it.

My love is lost

Like Amelia Erheart

It flew away

And crashed into a sea of adultery.

Tears, tears fill the ocean

The ocean of my desperation

They don’t understand

Like I don’t get math

The equation: you=me is history

Like Christopher Columbus, if he had a broken heart

Sunk the Mayflower into the sea of my tears.





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Awww.... if he left u for acne he really isn't the right guy and isn't worth your time i mean what a JERK!!!

Also i love the poem you're really talented and don't let this ONE guy get u down theyre guys, plenty of guys that ARE worth your time.

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I'm sorry to hear about your break-up; I know how hard break-ups can be. Any break-up, for whatever reason the case may be, can be difficult.

I dated a guy for 3 and a half years. I thought we would end up married, but instead he cheated on me, betrayed my trust, and broke my heart. I confided to a friend just how badly I felt and he quoted a passage to me (it's the one I have in my signature). When I read that passage and compared it to my past relationship, I saw that although I was in love with the guy, it was clear that he wasn't in love with me.

I think that quote can be applied to any kind of relationship: boyfriends/girlfriends, or just friends.

You deserve so much more than dating a creep who doesn't know what love is, and if a guy ever does anything to purposefully hurt you or bring you down, he is not worth your time. It is difficult now, but in the end you will grow to be thankful that you didn't waste any more time on him. It willget better.

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Guest Lee H

I know it may seem like the end of the world, but you will get over it eventually. If somebody seriously dumped you over acne then they have their own problems. Most guys don't care whether a girl has acne or not, we will put up with pretty much anything extrinsic... so I can tell you if that was really the reason then that dude is just plain weird.

There has to be better guys out there, so I'd look at it as a new beginning. Every time I've broken up with a girl, it always turned out to be the best possible thing. Even the one girl I can actually ever say I loved, it seemed like life couldn't go on at first, but then I realized how it was a bad idea to be with her given the circumstances that arose later.

Just hang in there, you are still young and will have many more relationships to come.

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I'm so sorry this happened to you *hugs* clearly this guy is nothing but garbage if he can't look past something as superficial as looks. He'll get what's coming =)

He wasn't worth your time or love, so in a way you should be glad he's gone.

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So sorry that happened to you. What is wrong with the males out there! Dont worry not all of us are like that. I would NEVER in a million years dump someone for a minor physical flaw like acne. I dont get how anyone could do that to someone they are in a relationship with. Maybe im weird but i get extemely emotionally attached to someone and couldnt possibly hurt them. :wub:

Good poem there, dark but very deep. Chin up forget that loser; you will find someone who is worthy of your awesomness soon enough!

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