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I've had bacne since middle school. My facial acne was always a problem, sometimes to the point of me giving up, but I have been able to correct it (for the most part, I still get a few pimples every once in a while) with a Duac/Tazorac alternation every day and proper exfoliation when I shower (twice a day). Bacne, though, has been a little bitch the whole time, because I can't use the Duac on it for fear of bleaching my clothes and sheets. I didn't want to use the Tazorac, either, because I wanted to save all of it for my face. After all, my face is what people see. I haven't been shirtless in public in about 7 years.

So, I finally decided I'm going to correct this. And I've tried so much. My prescribed Tetracyclin and Doxycyclin or whatever didn't work. I got this Clindamycin treatment from my derm that didn't work. I tried Head and Shoulders Classic Clean, which only burned my skin (left it on all day). I tried Witch Hazel, which smelled so bad that I had to stop. I tried glycolics but they only helped the scarring, not the acne. And more and more times I was invited swimming or hot tubbing and I had to refuse and lie. My friends accuse me of being aquaphobic.

Then I found apple cider vinegar. I applied it once daily with a cotton ball. Upon seeing results, I bumped the usage up to twice daily. And when everything seemed to be going my way, it stopped working.


Well, I have a new regimen now that seems to be working quite nicely. I've combined the vast majority of the things I have been experimenting with, and here's what I do now.

Morning Shower:

Preliminary washing, using hot water.

Apply Head and Shoulders (Ocean something. It claims to have sea salt in it, which I have heard helps acne) to my back, chest, and shoulders. Leave on for five minutes.

Wash off H&S, turn off the hot water and rinse cold to close the pores.

After getting out of the shower, spray body with mixture of epsom salts and water (the ratio is something along the lines of "fill the bottle halfway with epsom salts, and then fill it with hot water and let it dissolve"). Massage into skin, wipe hands and let air dry.

Arriving home from school:

Apply Glytone lotion to skin (got it from derm, never used it because it didn't help acne, just scarring)

Night Shower:

Preliminary Washing

Apply Head and Shoulders Ocean Breeze or Mist or whatever for 5 minutes.

Rinse H&S with hot water, put on scrubbing/exfoliating gloves and apply Irish Spring Anti-Microbial soap bar with the gloves.

Rinse cold.

Pat self dry with a CLEAN TOWEL.

So far, I'm seeing very positive results. I'll post pics soon. Unfortunately, I never took any at the height of the outbreaks, but I can try to look for some similar cases on Google.

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I hated tazorac! It feels like theres oil on my face, even though id put a little bit on it was horrible. The tingly sensation was too much that I would cry, because I have such sensitive skin.

I just finished Accutane not too long ago. And I have been doing amazing. I got back my bloodwork for this month and it was bad. My liver went up.

But anyways, my question was how effective is the H&S? I have a best friend that is going on Accutane. I didnt hear of that. :) How much did it help?

And I hated swimming because my makeup would wash off, and I didnt want my friends to see the scarring or make the acne look worse. How is the scarring?

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Tarozac is too strong to use over a large section, like the body.

I found it too expensive to use for such a big area as well.

Glad to hear this new regimen is working for you, keep us updated!

Bless you all!

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