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KerriAnn's Accutane Log.

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My Introduction....

Hello everyone! My name is KerriAnn and i am 20yrs old. I live in Massachusetts but i hate the cold! I manage a hairsalon as a cosmetologist. I am also a licensed barber and i am an educater for Joico products and hair color. My skin always looks better in the summer because i get really tan and it helps to cover my acne. I wouldnt consider myself to have bad acne...well...through middle school i suffered alot...my back was covered and my face had a new pimple everyday! As i got to highschool i decided to spend more on skin products...invest in good makeup and...go on birth control...the birth control actually helped alot...although i still suffered...so for years i went back and forth to the dermatologist...i was on almost all the topicals you can imagine...since i was under 18 my mother refused to put me on any oral antibiotics because of the side effects...she kept telling me ,"over time your skin will get better...dont worry!"...well...i held onto those words and as the days went on and my skin wasnt healing it only made me cry more and more and hate looking into the mirror!

Now while in High school i took up the trade Cosmetology...now that sounds fun right...? well...it sucked because i was always in front of mirrors and flourescent lighting (which made things look worse)...i did learn that seeing an aestetician and getting facials regularly would help...however i was still in the same boat...my back at this point over the years cleared up (yey!!! it was amazing...i could wear tank tops again!!)...my face however...still had those damn pimples...now i didnt just get those occassional pencial tip pimples...i got the full out nickle size cystic ones that take a month to clear up...and still never fully go away!!!! it sucked and hurt!!!

After High school i decided to do something for myself and go on minocycline ....and omg!!! did that work :)....my skin looked great...so for about 1 yr and a half i was on minocycline and birth control...the 2 together made my skin look great! however i developed these white spots on my face that had loss of pigment when i returned from a trip i took to mexico in 2008! I paniced because the doctor mentioned vitiligo and i kno some have developed it from minocycline...so i stopped minocycline adn the birth control immediately...out of fear it was the cause....now...very quickly my acne came back because my hormones were all out of wack and my back looked like...well..u couldnt see much of my back! i freaked out and demanded to go back on the medicine...however the dermatologist made me realize that minocycline might not work this time around because my body may have gotten used to it and it looks like my acne is moderate to severe...

i tried doxycycline instead...after 4 months...my face still had breakouts and scar's from the other one but my back looked better...but i still have lots of pigment marks that havnt gone away (although that was only this past summer)

now at this point i am fed up with trying all these prescriptions! i have extremely oily skin and i was a fix!!! so that is how i cam around to starting accutane...and i am going to track my progress and let you know as much as i can about my experiences...


I just started my course of accutane today. I am starting with 40 mg a day. I hope everythng goes smoothly for me. I will be keeping everyone updated and add photos soon...

So far i feel normal..i just hope i can continue my activities without feeling the hurt of joint pain.

does anyone know of a good cleanser to remove makeup but not be drying for my skin?


hello everyone! i know its only my second day but i still feel normal... i happened to notice that my chin was pealing last night...i dunno if it was in my head or from the accutane but it hasnt been that dry in months...my lips are good...still hydrated! although i am using lip balm all the time (just in case). I didnt work today so i went to the gym this morning and did 1 hr of cardio and 15 min of weight training. I didnt experience any pain. I will keep you updated on if i can still continue my regular routine without getting tired.

well all in all i feel good... i sometimes work 10 hour days on my feet with no breaks... so i hope i will still be able to continue in the future without getting too tired...

have a good afternoon everyone!


well today is my 3rd day of 40mg per day! So far i am still very excited...still lots of oil on my face however it appears to be dryer than normal...my lips are still good...not dry yet. However my lower back really hurts today... i have never experienced back pain and standing all day and shampooing my clients really contributed to the discomfort...

all in all i am still excited and feeling good overall :)

i am taking:

2 womans active multivitamins

1 20mg sotret twice a day

1 omega 3 tablet

skin care:

neutragena foaming makeup remover/cleanser

cetaphil gentle cleanser

PCA moisturizer spf 25

cetaphil lotion (extra hydration)

aquaphor ointment on lips (miracle worker...love it!)


okay so today is day 4...and well...over all i am doing well...i am not feeling tired...i did my normal workout routine this morning without feeling abnormal....my back pain went away completely!! now for the bad news.... well...this morning i wok up with 3 very painful pimples!! those ones that are under the skin and havnt emerged to show themselves fully yet!!! well...one is right above my lip making it a little swollen, one is on my chin...ouch! and the other on my cheek...the one on my cheek came to a head and since i know i cannot squeeze it (because it will scar) i decided to be smart and put a warm cloth on my skin...and pressed gently...the head came out without me squeezing!! and an FYI..i always had very sensitive skin so i would scar to begin with. :(...sucks...but what can ya do

so i hope these damn things go away soon and i hope i dont get anymore...although i am sure i will get more...but i believe day 4 is the beggining of my (I.B) initial breakout...also.. my skin is still very oily..not dry yet...and my lips are not dry yet either. omg...i have to tell you..i love the aquaphor ointment for my lips and i also ordered dans cortibalm from the site and it works just about the same without as much shine (great for guys)

To be honest...i am still very excited about this whole process...i am excited to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror to see what is new. I know things will get worse before they get better but i am so excited to see the results in the end...i will do anything!

well thats my little log...hope i gave some of you input that you can relate to.


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