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Dry skin and Acne

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Hi i have had acne for about 2 years+ (since beginning of freshman year)... not until the beginning of my junior year (this year) i have not cared about my acne or have really noticed it. Then i looked in the mirror and decided to why not tackle my acne since it wasnt HORRIBLE but it wasnt great either. I got most of it down but i got really really dry skin. Then I went on Differin and got the *initial break out* which was terrible. I got acne on my chin and jawline (ear to ear) and on my neck which i never had before and on my face totally except nose and under eyelids. I was on that for a week and then I just couldnt deal with it with the excessive dry and huge pimples so I stopped. I let that go down used nothing for about 2 weeks and then started proactive and that didnt do much so I went and used a couple of OTC products and drank lots of water ate healthy and took vitiams etc... Currently from about 3 days ago I started using a 2% Salicylic face was (Clearsil) and using Neutrogena On-The-Spot as my regimen and I can see it is removing pimples quickly calming my skin very well. My main question from all this backround info is I am getting extremely dry skin almost like when you get sunburned and you get that peely skin. I want a way around it because It takes awhile to remove it and cover it. I will show what I use if it helps, and also my skin feels and looks better when I do it at night compared to morning.

Morning -

Wake up with the BP on my face take shower with the 2% face wash. Pat dry. Let skin dry and then use a facecloth with warm-hot water and put aveeno acne moisutirzer on it and gently rub it then pat dry again and that usually calms skin and adds moisture and but still have some dry skin.

Night -

With BP on my face for about 3 hours prior before my nightly shower and use the 2% face wash. Pat dry. add BP. Skin feels great.

I dont take hot showers and rarely touch my face (I have been monitoring and reading a lot how to reduce anything I shouldnt do.)

I have a doctors appointment and I am thinking about Accutane but if i can get most of my acne away in about a week I will not go on it to aviod the hassle of it.


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from the sound of it, you're using a lot of medicated problems, and that's probably why you're getting dry skin and just exacerbating the problem. first, you're using a medicated face wash and then a medicated moisturizer after in the morning. then you're apply bp for 3 hours before you wash your face at night, washing with the same medicated face wash, and reapplying bp with no moisturizer.

it might help if you change out clearasil for a non-medicated cleanser like cetaphil. there's also no need to apply bp 3 hours before your night time regimen. why not just put it on in the morning and then again at night? try washing in the morning, bp, then moisturize. at night, do the same thing. wash, bp, and moisturize. hope that helps. the whole applying your moisturizer with a washcloth thing is probably unnecessary too. typically, washcloths irritate the skin, and in dealing with acne, the less irritation, the better. anyway, good luck!

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Hi i recently bought the cetaphil cleanser for normal to oily skin instead of the gentle one and my skin still feels a little dry but is not as red. do you think i should buy the other one or does my skin just need a couple days to adjust?

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