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Will Accutane help if my skin is already dry?

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I love to hear about people's experience of going on Accutane when your skin is already somewhat dry.

I have had acne for many years, and recently it got worse. I visited my dermatologist, and I'm now in the waiting period for Accutane (on track to start Jan 31). I'm starting to wonder whether it's really right for me. Or maybe I should only take a low dose?

I have unusual combination skin, and every time I wash it I come away with dry flakes all over my face. Then, three hours later my skin is oily and shiny again. It's odd. Does anyone else have skin like this?

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My skin is the exact same way. It would be really dry right after I washed it and then would be oily within a couple of hours. The dryness could be really bad in the winter.

Try to make sure you don't use too harsh of a soap. I switched to using a milder face wash and it made a huge difference. Also moisturize immedately after you wash. Your skin is used to having all that oil and then you wash it all away so it feels really dry. Your skin will respond with more oil when it gets too dry.

I'm on my 5th month of accutane right now. while you're on accutane you won't see the oil come back in a few hours like you do now and your skin will probably be dry most of the time. But rest assured that lots of ppl on accutane have skin just like yours.


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