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Ice or Heat - that is the questioin

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My sister also has deep cystic acne and she asked me the other day if

she should ice them or apply heat. Her derm said to apply heat; however,

she thinks ice would make more sense what do you think?

Tell me you experience with either.


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Either one. I myself like ice. Some people prefer heat. Heat isn't always going to bring a deep-seated cyst to a head but ice will almost always calm inflammation and redness.

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I agree with the mod.

It's a personal preference thing.If I have to go somewhere and want the swelling to go down some,I use ice.

If I'm at home and really trying to get rid of it and ready to accept the extra redness that comes,I use HEAT.

Both seem to help with the pain.

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My experience is with ice - I find it helpful but maybe not as great as some (including myself in the past) have alluded to. When it comes to those truly cystic / deep seated ones, I've found almost nothing to be truly effective honestly. Ice will take some of the potency out of it, but not as much as you would like on those I find.

Also, I find icing for too long can be somewhat counterproductive.. I would go for 4 mins max in any one go - 2mins, 2 off, 2 on.. morning afternoon evening maybe.

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Ihave that same problem too! and I usually found that ice works the best! it makes the cyst go down much faster and it doesn't irritate your skin.

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I imagine they employ the same method of trying to kill bacteria inside the cyst with extremes in temperature. I prefer ice, however. I used the Zeno and it actually made my cyst worse.

At night:

Whenever I cleanse my face, I try to locate any sensitive lumps (slightly raised, feels like a bruise) that indicate an emerging cyst. If I find one, I immediately put ice on it. Wrap the ice in something thin, like a washcloth or clean pillowcase. Put this on the cyst. The cloth will prevent any burns from the ice.

As for how long to keep the ice there, I've heard mixed reviews. For me, I just hold it on for as long as I can. If the skin starts to burn, stop and let it rest. If there's no damage, resume icing for another couple of minutes. I usually take an ice cube, apply it to the cyst and when I can't stand it anymore, I use the rest of the cube on my face till it melts away. Generally, if it starts to hurt, stop or your skin will get burned.

After that, let your skin rest, it'll be very red. Once the redness subsides, or you're too impatient to wait any longer, wash your face with lukewarm water and resume your normal bedtime regimen.

Avoid using high percentages or excess of benzoyl peroxide on the cyst. The skin is already sensitive from icing. If you must, try putting a very thin layer.

Icing doesn't prevent the cyst from emerging completely, but it does reduce the severity. If I catch it early, it will only appear as a flat lump and dissipates fairly quickly.

Hope this helps.

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