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Just broke out again!!!!!!

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Everything started to seem like it was clearing then over the weekend I got a couple big pimples underneath my bottom lip.

I think I need to call the derm today to get something else.

Kinda sucks cause I will be getting married ina few months and i'd like to be clear by then.

Just when it seemed like it started to work.

Support please!!!!!!

](*,) ](*,)

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What's your regimen FLGuy?

(Accutane is a only last resort for many people. Let's see if we can help him out using the basics first)

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Well.....I just called the derm today and asked him to call in a prescription for me.

I asked him to call in the clindamycin pads and the new oral he was talking about. See below for a background.

My History:

I am now 23 and had Acne all through my teen years. When I was about 16 I went and saw the doctor and he prescribed me oral tetracycline and topical erythromycin. That worked great and I saw significant improvement in my Acne.

Then, when I was about 19, the Erythromycin seemed to stop working. Breakouts started to occur more frequently and the Tetracycline didn’t work either. I then went and saw a derm and he said I probably built up a tolerance to the meds and prescribed me Tazorac gel and Oral Minocycline, along with Cleocin pads for a topical antibiotic.

Recently, I started breaking out again on a more regular basis. The tazorac and clecon didn’t work like they once did. I just went to the derm last week as regular follow up and to get refills. He put me back on Minocycline and asked me to use it for a few weeks and see if helped, if not we would try another oral med (Septra). He also prescribed me a different topical antibiotic MetroGel, to use in conjunction with the Tazorac gel.

I recently started washing day and night with Cetaphil. I used to use Phisoderm.

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Just want to stress that whether you are clear or not by your wedding, do not let it get in the way of you enjoying yourself on the best day of your life. Don't think about it at all on that day.

I'd recommend trying the regimen though: it sounds like prescription stuff isn't working very well, so get yourself on the regimen and you may find that you clear up faster than you think.

Best of luck, and congratulations: hope you have a great life together.

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Thanks MrKeys for the words of wisdom.

Prescriptions seem to work but just wear off in time. I'll see how this other oral med works. Is there any other topical antibitoic out there that I can try?


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Prescriptions seem to work but just wear off in time.  I'll see how this other oral med works.  Is there any other topical antibitoic out there that I can try?
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Although, I am sure that the regimen works for many, I just cannot see it working for me.

BP has NEVER worked for me at all. That is why I intially saught professional treatment.

Any other advice!


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FLguy if you break out before your wedding arrange beforehand with your derm to get a cortisone shot in the zit. It will be significantly flattened by the next day and completely gone in two. It does not leave a scar.

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Hi there,

I just wanted to say that for me my acne never responded to anything not Dan's regimen..nothing. Not until I did the acne cure method. I swear by it still, I think the SA and AHA's are what truly helped me the most. I never really stopped breaking out because my problems are internal but the acne cure method would sure get rid of the zits fast (literally the next day) I still use the AHA's now. Here is a link to the system..and the book. The book is great and has really good advice in there. Here is what I used

Aveeno foaming cleanser Has 2.5 Salicylic

Walgreens AHA 8% (white bottle black lid)

Then neutrogena on the spot

with a cold pack and of course ice!

God Bless on your upcoming nuptials!

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