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Question about using Retin-A Micro

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So I just came back from the derm with no avail to getting onto accutane. I tried my hardest, but he said accutane is really only for people with Cystic acne, which I don't have.

He wants me to stick out the Retin-A for another month since I'm only about a month and a half into it. So far it hasn't doesn't anything at all so I'm skeptical, but we'll see.

My question is about applying the Retin-A and moisturizing.

My derm prescribed me to put on one "pump" once a day. Now, I always had a lot of trouble getting one pump to cover my entire face. Partly because I have some thin facial hair, but mainly because I have enough acne on my face that it's not as easy to spread as if it were being put on smooth, calm skin.

As a result of this, I've been putting on three (yeah, whoops) pumps a day. I did this because I thought it'd be better to get a good coverage all over my face. My skin has been really dry lately and I've had no results. Should I try and just use one pump? Will this help the dryness or improve the results? Any tricks to getting one pump to cover the entire face?

Secondly, is it ok to moisturize afterwords? I was reading on the Retin-A site that the Micro version works by having these "spheres" that sit on the top of your skin and slowly release the medicine. The site also says that is easily washes off if you so wish. Am I removing the medicine by moisturizing afterward? I generally wait a good 5 minutes or more before moisturizing to let the medicine sink in.

Thanks for any advice

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The only trick I can think of is to pump once onto one hand's fingertips and then rub some of it onto your other hand's fingertips. Then you can gently (but quickly) smooth it all over the face.

As for the RAM, are you using it at night or in the morning? If you're using it at night, do you have to moisturize then or can you wait until the morning to moisturize? Also, it took several weeks for me to see positive results with RAM. A couple of months at least. I love it now. Hopefully you'll see better results if you can give it some more time.

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I do it at night so I suppose I could leave the moisturizing for the morning.

I did it last night only using one pump. I put tiny dabs of it all over my face and then rubbed it in. It seems like it absorbs into my skin before I can fully cover my entire face completely. is that how it's supposed to be?

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Yes. Moisturizer and RAM both absorb quickly. If you rub your fingertips together quickly and then apply quickly you can stretch it.

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