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Hey guys.

I started taking minocycline (50 mg.) the day before Christmas. I try and take it at the same time every day, with water. I also take vitamin A (I'm not sure if this will help me any) and use benzoyl peroxide, #5.

So I have a few questions/ problems:

1. When the $&% are these antibiotics supposed to kick in and clear up my face?

2. What should I eat/drink to help speed up the process? What foods/drinks should I avoid?

3. The benzoyl peroxide tears off my face. Like my skin peels off where I put it. Will this ever stop? Can I prevent it?

4. Will vitamin A help acne?

thanks guys. any advice you have would be appreciated.

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Do you use moisturizer? If not, get a good oil-free, noncomedogenic one from Neutrogena or Cetaphil--it helps with some of the dryness.

You can also try putting a honey mask on your face--it kills bacteria and is very soothing to your skin.

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1. Antibiotics- For me, I noticed a change in about 2 to 3 months, a HUGE change in about 5-6 months. You'll be okay

2. Diet- Do drink lots of water. Avoid oily, greasy, sugary foods, caffeine. Eat lots of veggies

3. benzoyl peroxide- this happened to me too, but it subsided after a while. It's just that your skin's getting used to it. My dermatologist advised me to decrease the amount I'm using and if it still hurts skip a day or something like that. If it keeps hurting, consult your doctor!

4. vitamin A? it's like in retinoids, right? they're usually used in topical creams like differin and what not.

Good luck!

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