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clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub

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hi, i got the clean and clear blackhead clearing scrub after reading about botchla's regimen...

i started using it on my face and back and i noticed that it made my back break out with little red zits. my skin is not sensitive at all. the cleanser seems to leave a oily film on my skin everytime after i use it. does anyone else experience that?

has anyone had any problems with this cleanser?

i checked the ingredients and found that it contains cetyl alcohol, which is somewhat comedogenic and irritating...

it also contains something called microcrystalline wax, and the "wax" part scares me!

i jut want to make sure this cleanser is safe to use, because i'm not sure if it really caused my back's breakout............

any comments will be appreciated. thanks for reading!

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Well i am not using it but then again my back isnt a problem. But a scrub will always irratate since its designed to scrub the durt off (dead skin) so initially you will always have worse acne. I can imagine that after a few weeks it will stop breaking out since aal the dirt is gone.

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I find it to be very gentle on my skin, and this is coming from someone who will breakout if the wind hits my skin too hard. I really love this product, it really cleans up my skin. BLack head clearing scrub and Mint Julep Masque are the only topicals I use, and they work real great in conjunction with B5.

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