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Fullers earth face mask for oily skin

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Face mask mix all together INTO A PASTE and apply either to whole face or just where you have spots.

Multani Mitti (Fullers earth) , mixed in rose water


lemon juice , tea tree oil, Turmeric or/ and Sandalwood powder has a cooling dressing in inflammatory and eruptive skin diseases an inflammatory disease of the face an itchy eruption.)

Neem powder or oil. (It works as an antifungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory agent. It is effective in treating acne.)

this mixture helps dry out the spots, DO NOT use if you have dry skin! unless you add in Honey or Jojoba wax (oil) as the Multani mitti abosrobs (sucks) oil from the skin.

this really helped calm my spots last year after i had a really bad break out, I tried A SIMPLE mixture first of multani mitti and rose water this really helped i started adding in extra such as the tea tree oil and sandalwood powder with neem powder.

I read up on multani mitti a lot and its benefits on acne. It is rich in minerals and when applied to the skin in the form of a paste, it helps improve circulation; it hardens slowly as it dries, and absorbing the dead cells on the top of the skin and dries up any excess oil. The mineral ingredient in fuller’s earth giving the absorbent action is the hydrated aluminium silicate. Grease of the skin, coats the particles of aluminium silicate and is lifted away from the skin when the mask is removed. It is therefore unsuitable for a dry skin but is excellent for an oily skin.


You can get all of the ingredients in powder form online and from Indian shops! (I used the powder versions also made enough to last a week for the first week did it every night.

Multani mitti was one of the earliest substances to ever be used as a beauty mask. It consists of a lime-rich clay from the far northwestern region of India to which is added rice bran and milk. Although it is an effective clay for improving the facial complexion, it is also used to draw toxins from the skin of the entire body. (http://www.niam.com/corp-web/facebdypacks.htm)

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Hi wispa, I've been trying a variation of your mask for a few days now, but from reading another turmeric thread here, unless I'm mistaken, there's talk that the turmeric is actually dying your skin as part of "healing" the spots. In another post you made in that thread, you said that your mask wouldn't stain or wouldn't be hard to remove unlike just pure turmeric. What ingredient(s) in your mask contribute to non-dying of the skin? Or does it still dye the skin, but just make it not so hard to remove afterwards? Or do you think turmeric itself doesn't do any permanent dying but instead simply helps the skin heal itself back to it's original pigment?

FWIW, the variation I've been trying is turmeric, red sandalwood, tea tree oil, and honey. I'm going to get some fuller's earth and rose water in the coming week, but just wondering if you had any speculation as to what ingredients would prevent dying of the skin with turmeric.

I haven't noticed any "permanent" or lasting yellow dying on my skin so far, which I think is a good thing. I've been using the mask every day on just my blemishes and hyperpigmentation scars, but also on a few entire areas (like in between my eyes and one cheek) where there are multiple new and old hyperpigmented scars. I could see how it's good/okay if just the specific spots are dyed to match your skin tone, but I wouldn't want whole parts of my face awkwardly dyed yellow!

Thanks for any info.

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