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Demoting self to Severe, have a question

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My face isn't covered with acne, but I do get nodular acne I think. They are the worst things I get--huge, red, painful bumps under the skin that after a week or two form white heads which I always pop because I'll look like a fucking shotgun-to-the-face no matter what I do and red blends in better than white.

Anyway, there are these stubborn assholes on the front of my right cheek which I thought were going away, but the main bump is back... fucking great. So my mom asks if I want to see yet another dermatologist.

My first reaction was telling her that dermatologists can go fuck themselves and don't deserve any of our money for failing to treat me after like fucking 6 years of acne.

-I've tried 5% BP that you leave on at night for almost all that time.. who knows what the fuck it does, it certainly doesn't prevent/clear acne.

-I've tried Tazorac for the past like 4-5 months.. it treats acne better than BP but also doesn't prevent/clear acne.

-The moisturizer I use during the day has salicylic acid so that too isn't clearing anything.

-I've began using both oral and topical ACV for about a week and since starting it, new zits have formed. It doesn't appear to be doing much especially as the people that say it works say that they notice an improvement after like 2-3 days.

-In the early wars with acne, I was prescribed oral antibiotics but one of them made me throw up, another gave me daily headaches (right in the middle of class), and one was a low dosage so it didn't appear to do anything

-For a long time I didn't wash my face before applying medication. Then a year or two ago I started washing my face with soap. Then for like 4 months I've been washing my face with a cleanser meant to clean the face.

I've tried medication only at night, both in the morning and night, changing my pillow case every fucking 4 days, all while seeing the rest (99.999%) of the population walk around with perfectly clear skin, and like 4 inches taller than me. Put a smile on, my ass!

So the point to this post is, should I bother seeing another dermatologist who is just like all the others going to suggest Accutane? Is there any shot they can give me something simple that no other derm is aware of? Should I think about taking oral antibiotics again? Will they do anything?

Some things about me that make my situation with acne such a pain in the ass:

-The skin on my face is oily as fuck! When I wash my face or apply medication, I'm only dry for a couple hours. After that time, my face just oils up on its own and soon it looks like I have a fucking mirror on my forehead.

-Accuntane is not an option because 1. Even though it cleared my friends that used it, they don't endorse it because it almost dried their head off and both told me it fucked with their minds. And most importantly 2. I HATE HATE HATE needles and you need monthly blood tests on accutane.

-My chest and shoulders are covered with untreatable hypertrophic scars. I've tried a shitload of shit on them trying to get them to go burn in hell, but they're still there and haven't changed after any treatment ranging from chemically burning them with Head and Shoulders to the Hei Ba Gao shit from Jamu shop. So, even if my face acne gets miraculously cleared, I'll still be a lifetime gargoyle. Because of this, I refuse to take anything extreme to clear my acne. If this were 6 years ago and I was told something like accutane would prevent all these scars and shit, then I'd consider something like that. But since the damage has been done, I have no reason to put my self through the hell of acutane just to make sure my body has 90 red marks rather than 100.

So again to summarize, should I bother with another derm or accept that I'll be a gargoyle for the rest of my life? Thank you, and please don't hate me for the cursing... you can understand.

EDIT: Oh, also, my dad says like him, my acne will go away in my early twenties. Understandably, I think that's bullshit. I feel like I'll have acne for the rest of my life.

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Ugh its frustrating as all hell isn't it? It sounds like you're a perfect candidate for accutane because of the oily skin but I think the dermatologist needs to respect that you don't want to go on it and should be able to find you a good alternative.

It sounds like you've tried almost everything, but there's a brand new drug that just came out in December of 08 and it's already in the top 10 medical breakthroughs of that year. It's called aczone, my dermatologist just prescribed me this (I saw one for the first time last week to help with the cystic acne covering my face). So far the inflammation has gone down like 75%, new acne has stopped forming, and the face in general just looks much happier.

Do some research online if it sounds at all interesting to you; there's not much about it yet because it's so new, but it's worth a shot! There is a topical and oral, I'm on the topical right now

Good luck, I really do hope you're able to find a cure!

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Ah, perfect! I just booked an appointment tomorrow with my doc so hopefully I'll be able to start it later this week. It sounds good, but we will see. Thank you!

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Ok he didn't prescribe any of that stuff since he absolutely never heard of it and neither he nor I wanted me to be a guinea pig. Instead he prescribed antibiotic pills which he's so certain will help. After trying so much shit, I can't possibly believe it will.

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