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Accutane and Body Acne

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What's up everyone? I see alot of posts that deal with acne on the face but I have a terrible case of acne located on my chest, shoulders, and back and suprisingly NONE on my face (thank God) but for a comparisson it looks as if someone might have thrown battery acid on my chest (it's bad... the derm. said it wasn't the worst case he's seen but it was one of the worst).

I had clear skin up until October this year and I noticed these huge red bumps in the middle of my chest and aton of blackheads but I didn't think nothing of them and figured they would go away... needless to say they didn't so I went to the doctor and got some tetracycline (3000 mg's a day and did absolutely nothing) along with a BP body wash and neither of them worked and it just seemed to get worse. I got prescribed accutane and I've been on it for the past 9 days (40mg's twice a day, so 80 mg's a day) and I mean even before I started I could tell it's gotten somewhat better but still not sightly... it went from looking huge and red to aton of little red scabs/spots that come open sometimes in the shower and I have holes in my chest... I've also been noticing now little white heads popping up on my chest instead of the huge red bumps... I'm just wondering what to expect while on everything? Because this acne has pretty much hendered me to where I can't work out no more (when I need to b/c I am a college athlete) and I am just real uncomfortable around people because of it even though they can't see it I know it's there... Idk... I'd appreciate some feedback... thanks in advance...

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While I'm all finished with accutane....I also took it for my back. I had crazy cystic acne on my back and it was very painful and I would throw 10+ undershirts away every 2 weeks. But one thing I will tell you, acne on your body will take alot longer to show any signs of improvement compared to your face(body mass is thicker). My back actually got worse (much worse) for about 4 months and finally started to clear up. Looks like I never had a pimple in my life on my back now. Thank god for accutane I can go to the beach without a shirt now.

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I had severe cystic back acne and I've been on accutane for about a month.

I attached a recent picture of my back. It still looks very bad to your average joe, but I can say for certain it is significantly better than it was before I started accutane.


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hello, i just finished 7 months of accutane specifically for my back. although i did get bad cysts on my face. my verdict? no matter how bad your skin gets on accutane push forward. i did get one nasty scar while i was on it, but i got an appointment in march to get them removed. the few breakouts you get is pretty much getting rid of the last amount of acne on your body. it is harsh, and my face cleared up first, but it gets better trust me. i literally have no acne on my back, just skin pigmentation from scars. it was worth the journey. any questions feel free to ask

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Damn Intruder that is pretty bad... I'm sorry to see that man but if it's gettin better then I'm happy for you... heres some pictures of mine...

the first picture was taken on December 22nd the day I got prescribed my accutane

This 2nd picture was taken last night after 8 days of accutane (i know 8 days isn't much...)

I must admit everyone I've came across on this board is very helpful and stuff... I appreciate all the feedback

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I think your second pic looks a little better, but it might just be the camera angle.

I also got lots of whiteheads when I first started around day 10. At its worst I counted around 30.

Best of luck with your acne! Cheers to accutane !

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I don't often get cysts on my back, but I do/did on my chest and sometimes in random other places on my body. Just a one or two at a time, but huge, inflamed, and painful as hell. I am three months into the 'tane course, and I haven't had a cyst since a week or so in. I still get little tiny bumpy whiteheads, but no cysts. And the cysts scar (keloid scarring), so I'm glad to be rid of them. So far, so good, fingers crossed. Hope you have as good of luck.

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