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Herbal Remedies?

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My skin is freaking me out! I didn't develop persistent breakouts until adulthood. ~ 2 years ago I went to the derm. with mild to moderate acne. I was on 3% BP, Clindomycin, and differin. My faced cleared considerably. This past spring/summer, I started getting the itchy red bumps that hurt. Of course it was likely hormonal. I stopped the regimen thinking that it was a reaction and the bumps became bigger and more painful. I just started on minocyclin on 12/23/08.

New Regimen: Morning: 2.0 % salicylic creme wash, followed by the orange powder ( I grind up dried orange peels), then a moisturizer(Murad). Then at Nighttime I am using 1.5% salicylic acid wash(Murad), then orange powder followed by moisturizer.

I hope to switch to only orange powder and other herbals, but when I look at my skin I am not optimistic that I have the patience!

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Hi there,

Often times it's better to treat your acne using natural methods because it will treat the root cause of your acne and not just the symptoms. Take BP for example. It gets rid of acne but as soon as you stop taking it, your pimples come back again. This is because you're not treating your acne from where it's originally forming. Usually you get acne for various reasons such as hormones or a congested liver etc. It's important to correct these problems as these can be the ones why you're breaking out in the first place. I had really bad acne and after taking some supplements (herbal) my skin finally started to clear up. Basically what I did was a cleanse and it seemed to work. Also, with natural methods you are less likely to get side effects :D

Are you doing anything to help control your hormones?

The Orange peel powder seems pretty neat btw.

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I would advise taking turmeric. You dont need to apply it as a mask as it causes a lot of staining but you can take it internally like i do. I used to have very severe acne and within a week ive gone done to moderate. It gets rid of all the really large bumpy red spots (the most annoying lol)

You can buy it from the supermarket in a powdered form which is what i use. I mix one teaspoon with a glass of water ( or you can use milk) and drink it. I used to do it twice a day but i do it once a day now. I might up it to 2 again; for some reason some people are weary of dealing with turmeric not sure why its completely natural! Its worked wonders for me.

Ive tried 3 types of antibiotics, about 7 different creams and other remedies from the dermatologist which literally had zero effect and it was getting worse every day. I heard about turmeric and thought what the hell got nothing to lose. I am very pleased with the results, to have moderate acne for me is a dream as i used to have it extremely bad! Its also nice to know other people have noticed it too. Family and friends have commented on how its getting better!

If you dont want to try it thats your choice but i am overjoyed with the results; i wish i had taken before and after pictures!

Good luck!! :cool:

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