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HELP: Obagi - Isotretinoin and Fraxel/Laser Treatment

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Hi there,

I recently joined the forum and I find it incredibly useful. The best thing ever! So, firstly, thanks to all of you.

Secondly, my question. I am planning to go for a laser treatment to ged rid of my post-acne scarring. I think Smoothbeam or Fraxel will be my choice as I have a slightly dark skin. Anyway.... I know that we need to wait 6-12 months before undergoing any laser treatment if you have taken Accutane (which I did about 4 years ago). Now... does it also apply if you have had Retin-A (Tretinoin 0.025%)?

I've just started to use OBAGI (blended to topical tetrinoin 0.25%) to ged rid of the hyper-pigmentation, etc. But it just came to my mind yesterday that I should stop it if I want to have my laser done in 3-4 months time.

Is it only Accutane or is it also Retin-A as external cutaneous application? Can someone clarify please? I have only used for a week.. I guess I am on time to stop it?

Thank you all!!

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The theory behind any retinoid of derivative is that it thins the skin it is applied on. I've heard of times where people stopped for 4 weeks before going on to a laser.

If I were in your shoes I'd probably get the dermatologist's opinion.

Keep in mind there are at least 2 basic types of Fraxel, Re:store and Re:pair. Store is much milder than pair will some accounts will make your face ooze like a giant scab.

I haven't had any laser work done so this is all 2nd hand info. I would urge you before making any decision to evaluate your scarring and decide what your realistic goals are. There are a lot of posts that go _____ didn't do anything for me. It may be true, it may not be but it's very difficult to tell short of extensively documenting what your scars look like in the first place.

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