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Life is worth living and it gets better

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My scars improved over the years. They fill in. It takes time. More importantly, suicidal thoughts usually stem from a chemical imbalance that can be improved or cured with the right anti-depressants. There may also be a gene for suicide since suicides run in families. Depression and suicide are not that different than diabetes are other chemical problems so people suffering should seek medical help from a good doctor they like and trust. Life is worth living. Someone will love you for you.

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Well said, and very true. Don't beat yourself up. I used to think I had awful skin and that nobody would find me attractive. Imagine my surprise when the last two women (one whom I married) both thought I was handsome. I will say that since I found this site, I've learned a lot, and my skin is probably better than it's been in a long time. Sure, I still get the occasional bump, but fortunately they clear quickly and don't get all huge and nasty the way they used to.

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Thank you for posting this! I have some scarring on my cheek and I know in reality it isnt that bad and Im not a monster but i kinda obsess over it and it really bothers me. Id be happy if it improved even a little bit though! Scars can fade with time. I cut my skin bad when I was 5 and had a scar for years but by time I was a teenager it was gone.

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