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for those who want to end acne..

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I beleive i have found a few things to end acne and i want to share it with everyone. For those who dont beleive dont leave unecessary comments just dont try it. Here it goes. Ill make it short.

1. Eat meals orderly and on time every day. Eat breakfast lunch and dinner. What i mean by orderly is have meals between 8 hour intervals. I eat breakfast at 8 lunch at 12 dinner at 6-7 and a snack at 11pm. The biggest mistake people make is sleeping too long between night time and breakfast. I used to have a 18 hour eating interval between my last night meal and breakfast! please change that it will help. Most people beleive sleep is what effects their acne, its not, it is the interval of meals which is realted to ur sleeping.

2. Just be normal, shower daily do w.e u want, dont try to over shower or not shower at all. people without acne shower daily u should too.

3. Keep your blood circulation flowing!! Go out! do something. I beleive personally this is why many videogamers and indoor people have acne, and its not because the videogamers have acne and choose to stay indoors. Sitting down in a chair for 5 hours straight is unhealthy. Exercise or work just do something. I have personal experience with the videogame situation.

Those are what i beleive the 3 most important steps to clear skin are. Justr try it out especially number 1 and 3.

My skin is still getting better by the day havent had a breakout since i could remember and im not one of those peiople with mild acne, i have moderate acne and i can tell if my acne is looking better.


1. do not use cleansers or anything on ur face from doctors, im not gonan try to explain it, i believe a lot of people are actually moving away from cleansers these days.

2. do not overwash

3. do no touch ur face :) I think this is about it, tehre are a lot more do nots i just cant think of them for now, but i think everyone knows them.

One more thing eat whatever you want. Food types have no affect on my acne at least. I ahve been drinking dairy so much lately and all i see is good results.

I thought of these ideas myself because i thought about what no acne people do and why i do different, nobody has to beleive me or try them. 2009!!!

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I agree with your 'eat whatever you want' statement. Okay fair enough, if you KNOW certain foods break you out such as dairy, then fine, don't consume dairy products. But I've seen some people here totally limit their diets to just water, fruits, vegs some meats and fish and they claim it helps, but why would you do that to yourself?! In all fairness, I'd rather be able to eat whatever I like (in moderation of course) than restrict myself to just water fruit and vegs.

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I do this all natural thing, but I have to avoid products that contain skim milk or I get large cystic acne. I'm 23 now and I've tried everything there is. Accutane kept it at bay for about a year but I'm not going back on that crap. For some reason I only get pea sized pustular acne, I would love it if I only got small pinhead sized pimples like a lot of the whiners on here. Their's isn't even that disfiguring. I'm glad someone found something that worked for them.

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