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i could have done modelling!!

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Hey, I was standing at the train station waiting to go home when this woman approached me and told me im "exactly what shes been looking for" maybe because im tall.

Anyway she told me shes doing photography and needs a model for her portfolio and asked would i be interested, so she gave me her card and i gave her my number.

We discussed shots and ideas and i would of been modelling with some French guy for an underwater photoshoot and I would be paid for it too.

Last minute I backed out because I was so ashamed of my skin :(:( besides i reckon it was a SCAM.

The day I saw her I was wearing a lot of make up to cover my acne and I couldnt bear to show my skin naturally. Everybody thinks im crazy for not doing it but i dont care. I dont want to be a "model" anyway. i just want clear skin!!!!!!! im really sorry for the rant.

I feel so stupid!

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Chika, you are GORGEOUS. Never let acne make decisions for you. If you want to be a model, go for it. If you want to be a doctor, go for it. Don't let acne affect your dreams. And it's okay to rant =]

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Please consider taking phone and calling that women because I bet, underwater photoshoot would be wonderful exp and life time opportunity. :)

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I think you should give the lady a call! It could be a scam, I guess, but you won't know unless you check it out. Any modeling job - no matter how big or small or whether it pays anything or not - can be put on a resume if/when you start looking for an agent.

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