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How i stopped from getting depressed about acne.

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I just say cocky stuff to myself. (i dont suggest saying these out loud, it will only make u look like a douche) its better to walk with confidence, than be cocky.

In all honesty guys, you have to believe you are the fucking SHIT because you are.

Just think..the best people are the people who are confident..

Imagine the 350lb black lady with a g string, a tight dress, a perm, some jewelry, high heal stilettos and bright ass red lipstick...Her anklet is holding on for dear life.

She goesnt give a Fuck what you think because she KNOWS damn well she looks fine, and shes gonna go to the club, get her groove on and every man in the club will be like "damn she has guts, lemme get that number"

Dont down yourself before you have even gone out, brush it off your shoulder and BE THE SHIT

You miss 100% of the shots you dont take.

Some things you can say to yourself or reply to others with:

-"god gave me acne so i would be handicapped and give other guys/girls a chance to get girls/guys"

- Random guy: man your face is fucked

Me: Yea i know, i break out everytime i have sex

Random guy: Oh.. that's like.everyday.

Me "Exactly"

(only works for guys)

- most of the time, if someone mentions ur acne, they have a flaw too..just find it.

Dandruff: Is it snowing in here?

Typical cheerleader/Prep: At least acne goes away..unlike std's

Fat: Why are you staring at me?...is there food on my face?

Jerk guys: Putting down people because you have a small penis is cool! (sarcasm)

Little kids: Santa isnt real (lol im cruel)

get out there and show the world, ya i got acne, but im the shit and you know it.

People should be lucky just to KNOW you.

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i love this!

very inspiring.

tomorrow i'm going to look in the mirror and say "I'm the shit!" haha.

thanks for posting this. its remarkable! :wub:

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I have to say that your method doesn't sound all too bad. Although if someone says something about your acne, just ignore it or agree with them, they won't know what to do.

I too am going to wake up tomorrow and tell myself I'm the shit lol

Hell, I'm the shit right now ;)

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I do try this from time to time, telling myself that 'im the shit' when im feeling a bit down, but problem is it seems to wear off pretty quick, and then i go back to realising im not really the shit...

but what the hell, tomorrow, first thing im gonna say is "I'm the Shit!"

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yea u guys. just think like this: it's the way u think that makes u feel so negative, this is just a phase in your life and lots of people(look on this site) as experienced just like you if not worse, if that person can make so much freinds with the way their bad skin looks why can't i?, ..and the list goes on............

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Yeah I agree with this modified version. The way I deal (try to deal) with my looks is, I know I look like shit.. meaning, I'm not going to go around claiming I'm hot to everybody rather I'm not going to have my face determine my every next move. If I want to say a certain thing, I'll damn well say that shit. Acne/acne scars made me keep to myself, but i'm normally quite extroverted. Best of both worlds, attack your acne and do what you can to get lookin' good again, as well as be yourself and show that you have more character than somebody next to you.

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What does her being black have to do with anything? Lol jk :dan:

But, man, I love that handicapped joke. I'm going to have to try that, although kids don't really joke on me about acne. You must be smoother than Smooth Scotty, though. :blink:

Nah, nobody is smoother than I. :naughty:

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