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Don't Know if Anybody Had this

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This example is kind of specific. I don't know if anybody had this particular life experience. I'm sure many of you had similar ones however. Anyway, have you ever felt completely thrown off in your life. I remember this one year in University i completely forgot about my acne problems. I felt good, i got great marks i school. Often i would stay up studying all night, and i worked extremely hard in order to make my life better. I admit i wasn't the healthiest, on normal days i would often stay up late and so on. I wasn't perfect, not by far. At the same time i wasn't horrible, i didn't drink or do any drugs or anything like that.

Then one day a person told me i should take better care of myself. Several people commented on my acne and that i should get it looked at. I felt like my whole life collapsed right in front of me. Like everything that i have done was pointless, and in general just didn't give me any pleasure.

I don't know about you guys but i think this is the worst thing to happen in life. When you think that everything is going well, then a few people just completely shatter your confidence and direction. At times when i know im not being healthy, or active and in general am sitting around and moping i feel much better, because i feel like there is something i can do. I don't feel hopeless. What i feel is the worst is that people think not only that i have acne problems, but that i am a drug addict. I have really fair skin, and partly because of my sleeping but a large part because of genetics i have huge bags around my eyes. Sometimes when i look at a mirror and see myself, i think no wonder people think this of me. I would do the same probably. The worst part about it is that it happens everyday. Before i would sometimes have a few goods days that could at least let me breathe and not make me feel depressed all day, not wanting to go out. No those days are becoming more and more rare. In fact they are even more depressing because i know chances are the day after i will go back to looking like i normally do. Anyway, sorry i did kind of go off point, i'm just wondering if anybody feels the same way.

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Yes, I have had similar experiences that would bring me emotionally down for weeks and months. I swore I would never let comments bring me so low again, and now if people even start to hint about my skin, I just change the subject. Everyone knows now that "Therese does not discuss her skin." And if someone does get past the barrier, I just walk away, or ask "If they have profound words that will change my life" they wish to share.

I know this sounds cruel... but anyone with bad acne or acne scars need to protect ourselves because rude or (caring) comments from others can really damage our emotional side. It's hard to keep our self esteem positive. Don't sink it again.

I know my scarring is bad. I know that I have done everything that I can do, and will continue to do so to help my problems, but if someone breaks through my barrier, then they have broken me for a while. I can't allow anyone to do this to me.

I love life. I have a great husband and kids... please don't remind me how bad my skin is. I know.. But please allow me to live a normal life.

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