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i've been using aczone of 3.5 weeks now, and i'm liking the results so far! I was on RAM for 3 months with little improvement prior to Aczone. Now, this is all I use.

I have mild inflammatory acne with lots of hyper pigmentation from breakouts that took forever to heal. I haven't had any new breakouts this month! I have some pics up in the gallery for reference (all prior to Aczone). The texture on my forehead has improved as well!

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I use Cetaphil cleanser in the morning and evening, Aczone in the morning, and Differin and Solodyn in the evening. I've been on this regimen for 1 month now and I'm liking how my skin is doing. There was the initial breakout the first couple weeks, but other than one or two places here and there my face is clearing up nicely. I would characterize my acne at mild to moderate before I started. My dermatologist told me not to expect any results until about 6 weeks in, so just give it some time.

Also I have dry skin and my dermatologist told me to wash my face, apply cetaphil lotion, wait about 30 minutes and then use the aczone or differin.

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I got a box of samples and they are each 3 grams and there are more than 10 in the box! I was really happy to get the samples, I will use it sparingly and hopefully it will last a few months!

I am hoping this helps with the random inflamed breakouts I get and I will hopefully mooch samples from my dermatologist for a while because it is sooo expensive for me

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This is the first I've heard of this new topical. Sounds promising! Especially like that it seems to kick in quicker than a lot of the other options out there. For those that have used it, did you have an IB like with topical retinoids?

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This is my second week on aczone and I love it. My face looks so much better and my pimples are smaller. My dermatologist said my acne is caused by hormones and

I am just before my period and I have only two tiny pimples on my forehead.


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Aczone is helping me a lot so far too! My face looks better than it did a couple of weeks ago. I still have a long way to go but there is improvement

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After scrolling through all the posts the OP has made, I'm convinced this poster is an Aczone representative. He (she?) is only active in Aczone posts, and recommends Aczone in non-Aczone-related threads. Way to be transparent and give people unrealistic expectations for a drug. It seems to me that this user - or this user's photos - are of somebody who cleared up using a foolproof, hyper-effective drug like Accutane.

I'm on Aczone now. From what the OP said, I should already be seeing clearing on my second day. But no, my acne is now considerably worse. We'll see how it continues to progress, but this is not a miracle cure, don't believe all the hyped products you read on the boards from people who only pop by to advertise them. I suppose I'd do it too if I were getting paid, like y'all clearly are.

I've researched Aczone to the best of my ability, and it seems it'd be effective primarily for people with minimal to mild acne - as in, small sprinklings of small pimples. The studies they ran and the statistics they quote are related to test populations that had very mild acne. Even these participants only experienced about a 48% clearing of lesions. I will certainly come back and eat my words if Aczone starts clearing me, but with the 10+ new papules it's created on my face, I strongly doubt it.

And Aczone's expensive; I paid $115 for mine. Look for a more economical alternative unless your derm provides free samples.

I totally disagree with you about the OP. In fact, I think you have made a number of false accusations and an apology is in order. Not one of the OP's posts mentions Aczone until it was prescribed to him in early January. If you read his early posts, it's quite clear that he was hoping to be prescribed Accutane.

I have a lot of experience sniffing out spammers and trolls on this board, and there is no indication of such activity here.

Regarding Aczone's effectiveness, I have little to add except that it's a topical antibiotic, and these are generally most effective against mild/moderate inflammatory acne. No effect on blackheads and not very useful against severe cystic acne.

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Yeah, I think you always have to correct for over-enthusiasm when someone stumbles across a product that works really well for them, especially when they see good short-term results. I know I cringe when I see posts along these lines: "OMG, this is incredible, you all have to try it, I've been using it for 3 days now .... " :lol:

I know I was that way about Green Cream in the early months. Three years later, I still love the product, but I'm a lot more realistic now as far as whether or not it's going to work for other people. My skin reacts well to retinoids; not everyone's does! But it took me awhile to realize that.

Aczone is going to be amazing for some people. Sometimes the inflammatory reaction seems to just snowball, especially when people over-treat and pick at their skin, and a fairly mild case can start looking a lot worse than it really is. For people like that, this is going to be a really good product.

But if the problems lie deeper within the skin, this is going to be a supplementary treatment at best. I can see Aczone working well with retinoids; it could probably lessen the IB quite a bit, for example.

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Please someone reply to my post--

I have been using Aczone for exactly 2 weeks,

I stopped using Clarifoam and went from doing antibiotics twice a day to once a day.

I have broken out slightly. Is this from stopping the antibiotics and Clarifoam?

Also, do you think that the Aczone is making my breakouts more mild and I shouldn't be worried?

Everyone is saying they see improvements within 2 weeks and my skin looks slightly worse.

I use it once a day btw.

Should I call my dermatologist to see if I should use it twice a day-- the instructions on the samples say to do that but I don't know if thats what everyone here has been doing.


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i have been using aczone for about 2 months now. my derm prescribed it as soon as it came out. my acne is severe to moderate. Aczone hasnt really been doing too much for me, i wonder if it is because im using it wrong? i put it on all my trouble areas at night and in the morning only a little on really bad areas because it is very drying to me. whats the deal? should i rub it in really good? do i leave big globs????

My derm gave this to me recently and he very specifically told me that I was not to just spot treat pimples with it, I should spread it all over. If you do it might help stop the pimples that you're getting before you get them.

From what I can understand, they're not completely sure what it is that Aczone does to help your skin, only that it does. With that in mind, you should probably just put it all over your face, in case its not so effective on reducing pimples, but much more so on stopping them before they form.

I have been on aczone for 3 weeks now. My doctor prescribed it to me to use every other night and every morning. On opposite nights I use Atralin. I have seen a slight improvement although I never really had cystic ance. I do, however, have terrible whiteheads that are like glue. After spending 100's of dollars on facials only to have whiteheads return a few days later, I was very desperate to find a better solution. I'll give it a few more weeks to see if they all go away. Does anyone have any tips on how to get rid of whiteheads?

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does anyone think that this stuff makes their hands smell?... after applying i rinse/wash my hands... but they smell weird still. i cant describe it.. anyone experience anything similar?.. with aczone

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