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Here is My Story, should be very helpful for everyone.

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Hi Everyone, I havent been on here in a while, becuase my skin has improved a lot since Christmas time. I thought I would let everyone know of some information that I have uncovered.

All through High School, I never had problems with acne, I might have one or two a month, but that would be it. Now im in college and while most everyone else is done with their acne problems, it seems that mine are into full swing! I was talking to my grandfather and he told me that all men in my family have physically matured very slowly compared to other men. For example, while most 18 year old men have to shave daily, my Father had to shave daily when he was about 23 years old. What is kinda strange is that I am a big guy, about 6"3 215 lbs, but yet I am not physically mature. I wondered why, well I found out that my Great Great Grandmother was a native American, (Indian) and if you didnt know, Native Americans have very little body hair, and they mature very slowly, and obviously some of those genes have been passed down to me.

The ages at which we sexually mature has a lot to do with when we get acne, (excluding adult acne cases) and it just so happends I am just now maturing at 19 years old. :roll:

As far as treating my acne goes, I tried Dan's regimen, and it left my face red, (im sure i didnt follow directions properly) so I tried the Apricot Scrub from St Ives and it has helped my acne problem to become just a pimple problem. No matter what I do in this time of my life, I will still get some pimples, becuase I know that my hormones are much stronger than any medication! And I have learned to live with it :lol:

I will try some new stuff tonight on my pimples called Bye Bye Blemish, never heard of it, but its worth a shot. Ill let you all know tomorrow!

I hope this has helped some of you to understand your acne problems, I have learned not to take it so seriously, and like every other thing, this too shall pass :D

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try Dan's regimen...you just gotta stick to it exactly and it's pretty good

It's done wonders for me.

Also..for St.Ives.....don't use it....I tried it for like a month....sooo irritating for my skin.....I had acne all the time when I used it..

Once I stopped using it ...the acne started to go away..

good luck

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Thanx and good luck man...Bye Bye Blemishes dont work on cystical pimples ( big ones forming underneath your skin) just to let you know hehe..They only work on small pimples :roll:

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