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Vince Is A Stud Muffin

I feel like I am done and so scared

I have been on generic accutane twice and it has cleared me up mostly except my sebaous glands..... UMMMMMM

But you will see the results 2 months after you stop taking accutane. In the mean time expect to look like shit. =;

Good luck to you bro. You will be very happy a few months from now. I can garunatee that.

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Hi Enter the Dragon,

To begin with, yes, you are correct to be feeling the way you have been, but, there is no need to concede defeat yet. Remember the Accutane exacerbates the feelings of helplessness/depression, so be wary. If the Accutane does not work, then you must try a drug called Spironolactone. It is prescribed to both men and women. I know people who have fought acne for decades to no avail using other drugs, and were cleared by this drug. Do not give up; things do turn around.

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Thanks I really really hope this stuff works, and it seems like my fac ehas just gotten nuked. Yeah I have more zits on my face right now probably than I would get in a whole month last year. This is one of the worst times of my life and I so depressed. the only thing that helps me is reading the bible and praying but I can't do that at school. Its so horrible cause while I am at school all Ic an think about is my face and if its doing better. Fuck does acne suck I don't know what to do anymore. If accutane doesn't work I truthfully think I am going to be done.

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