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Andres personal log....acne people still rule!!

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well, today im starting my regimen with:

1.Vinegar regimen

2.Lemon regimen

3.Facial mud

4.Tape method

10:11 pm Facial mud

Well im gonna start doing my "mask" <---(dunno if thats right but u get the idea:P)consisting of facial mud and water, u just mix them till u got a liquey dough, apply it to entire face and wait for it to dry, afterwards take a washcloth, rinse it with rosewater and take off the mud...


Personally i like the fell of the mud on my face, its fun to just apply mud, it takes me back to those precious times tongue.gif, when te mud hardens or dries, (if u put some on ur lips u can actually fell the mud sucking everything wink.gif)it starts sucking the pores (or so i've been told tongue.gif), after its dry, the rosewater helps moisturize the skin and leave it smooth....but after dat im doing the vinegar thing so it may Stung a LIL bit, i dont use delluted vinegar, i use it pure but today i'm gonna use it half vinegar, half water..wish me luck, its gonna hurt!!!

i love dat face------> biggrin.gif/ <--------so kewl tongue.gif

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GOOD LUCK!! I just started using 5% acidity apple cider vinegar. be careful with that shit undiluted on your face. I use it on my back and chest and it stings a little bit and makes me itch. For my face i am using 1 cup vinegar 2 cups water. Seems to be doing pretty well both on my back and face so far.

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