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ive been taking 50mg accutane for just about 6 months, ended on the 15th of december. around this time i started to notice my hair falling out. i lose 2-3 strands every time i run my hand through my hair, and tons more during the day and when im in the shower. id estimate maybe 150-300 strands a day. ive been reading a lot of posts online about this being permanent. does anyone have any idea how common it is for this to stop? or if its actually started falling out then im just doomed to loose my hair?

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How long is a piece of string??! Many, many people experience permanant hair loss, others don't have any. I for one experienced very little hairloss, but got hit with other horrid sides. Others are the reverse. Again, this is the whole wide unknown with accutane - nobody knows it's true potential to damage the body.

Look through the accutane survivors forum for hairloss tips. There's a thread somewhere here too about 'What my derm said about hairloss' that might have some answers in it. Biotin might help.

Ask Lamarr a member here or Max - both are very helpful.

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Could you tell me about your hair loss? I'm wondering if its more likely for mine to stop or keep falling out. From what I've read, most similar cases just keep losing their hair for months and never get it back.

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I will advice you to read this links. Especially the latter one and read from page 1 to the last pages, if possible. Anyway, I totally understand how you feel about this hairloss thing and it must be a shock to you to notice this just like I was back in January 13 2008.



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