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Another day, another disaster I guess you could say. These past few weeks just sort of sent me over the acne edge. It's not getting worse, it's not getting better. But that's not i'm worried about it. I'm on break from school for 3 weeks. This is the second week, I still have not hung out with friend. I just lock myself away inside because I don't like my face. Simple as that, however the first week I did get my wisdom teeth out so I decided not to go out looking like Quagmire from family guy ha.

Anyways, let's get back to the sympathy and me being sad again. I've recently been so sad, and it seems to be all because of girls. I just want someone to think about, someone to fall asleep thinking about. Someone who genuinely cares. Not to be bragging or anything, but I would consider myself one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, whether it is girls or anything in general. I've come to realize that being nice gets you no where now. I liked this one certain girl for probably 2 months. I told her, I spilled my heart, and she sort of shrugged it off, not like ew no, but not a yes either. She just left me open to wonder if I had a chance. So for the 2 months after that we talked alot, we seemed to click. But after the first 2 months of everything going good I started to realize that she seemed to only talk to me right before she needed something. It was usually either homework, a ride somewhere, some sort of present, or even hooking her friend up with one of my friends. I was nothing to nice but this girl. So I finally got the courage to confront her about this.

This is basically how the conversation worked

"Hey, so um I'm just wondering if I what I think is true?"

"Oh, so you finally figured it out?"

"Yeah, I guess I just thought you really cared about me."

"Cared about you? Nah, sorry. But never, I just took advantage of you ha."

"Ok, it's fine I guess.."

"So do you have the chem?"

I then walked away as mad as ever ha.

So basically, after that, I gave up completely. I no longer talk to any girls, I no longer try to dress nice, I no longer help anyone. It's basically eat, sleep, school. Nothing else, because it seems like nothing else matters. Why be nice, when that is what happens to me? I feel as if I was just meant to be a huge tool all my life and just do nothing but sit inside.

I don't even want to goto the movies with my friends anymore, even in the dark movie theaters. I make up excuses now. They also are like, oh just bring a girl yo! And I go oh sure ok. They just think I'm like every other kid we chill with, who can just pull any girl. Everytime I go I end up being the 3rd wheel, they all have girls I don't.

I've had one girlfriend in my whole life 2 years ago in 8th grade, and it was only for a month. She dumped me in the end, I was devestated. Then I tried to win her back, she said,"I'll tell you with your birthday present ;p" So I thought this is good :] No, she sent me pictures of her making out with another guy. But, me and him turned out to be good friends and went to Europe actuallly for soccer with a month, best of friends now actually ha. Anyways, yeah my life sucks.

That's about it, in conclusion, i'm so tired of it all. Why acne why? I want to live a life, but I can't. My parents even hint at me to go outside now, because I am so unsocial.


P.S. Sorry if this went in a bajillion different directions, i just kind of typed what I felt :/

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Just forget about those girls, your too good for them. ;) If they use you and judge you by your acne then their not worth being upset about. You shouldn't be pressured to get a girlfriend just because your friends have one. Forget about acne and get out and be with your friends. I'm sure they don't care about your skin.

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I've had one girlfriend in my whole life 2 years ago in 8th grade, and it was only for a month. She dumped me in the end, I was devestated. Then I tried to win her back, she said,"I'll tell you with your birthday present ;p" So I thought this is good :] No, she sent me pictures of her making out with another guy.

wow. that is incredibly cruel. but, if your in 1oth grade or whatever, there is a lot of time for you to turn things around.

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mate, i know this is hard but DONT EVER EVER EVER EVER withdraw away from your best friends, i did that with mine, and now my life is completely screwed over.

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Hi eff:

There is a good thing in your horrible experience with that slimy girl. You have learned one thing to watch out for. You have also (I hope) learned that being a doormat is not the same thing as being a 'nice guy'. A nice guy is nice but does not allow himself to be taken advantage of.

Please realize that this is one bump in your long journey of life. The first few romantic hurts make it seem like nothing else will ever be the same again; that you'll never ever like anyone again the same way, or that no one else has it as bad as you. Please realize that EVERYONE has those feelings; that does not make them any less real, but realize also that you're NOT alone in your feelings and don't beat yourself up for having them. Those feelings come with the territory of humanity, simply being a human being. It's corny and I'm sure you're sick of hearing it from your friends but it's true: time heals all wounds, or at least makes them easier to bear. It is true.

Get out there with your friends, get back into your normal routine. Get sunshine, fresh air, some exercise, eat properly and you WILL begin to feel better. Take it slow if you have to, but you WILL get better. Good luck!

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