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What acne does to you

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A few days ago I was in the pharmacy with a recipe for Accutane in my hand. I was sick and tyred of it, above all watching my college students with their healthy faces and mine covered with make up. A lady after me had the same recipe for her daughter, her case was BAD. And there was just a box of Accutane left. I let the mother have it.

My case is not severe, but I have tryed lots and lots of regimes, none of them work. You can say it: toothpaste (burn my skin) aspirin (which better source of salycilyc acid?), any "miracle" cream, facials, ANYTHING. Well I had just read Dan's regime, so why don't give it a shot? This girl needed accutane BADLY. She tryed to hide her face with her hair and I still could use make up

So I went again to the cosmetics zone. I particullarly hate this, because there is always a "nice" attendant that approaches you and with her baby skin tells you "Oh, for your case you should buy this and this and this". And I'm looking for lipsticks!

When I put the first BP, i told myself "well, here goes nothing". Next day the volcano on my cheek was almost the same, and I was developing two new ones, but I was busy enough that day to not being able to get the accutane. Next day... the volcano is 50% its original size and the other threats are dissapearing!

So I sat and remembered. I always felt that in my case as anyones, it was because of a lack of hygene. I scrubed and scrubed my face so hard, with no results, even worst outbursts. And my shiny nose after that. No wonder, my poor skin needed to produce some oil to defend itself form what I have done to it!

The probelm is exactly this. We have very sensitive skins, but because of how it looks we truly believe is dirt

I have learned this: treat your skin gently. And it will shine for you!

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So are you going to use the accutane??? It really isnt as bad as every one makes out, As long as you put a moisturiser on ur face and use a one of those lip moisturising sticks then u will be fine.

Best and easest way to get rid of it. :D:lol:

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LOL..already tried it! In here you can get most prescription drugs witouth a recipe. retin-A burned my skin and tetrecyclines gave me diarrea

I don't think I'm going to use accutane now..my face is clearing!

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