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Forehead and RAST test - pic included

So mostly I get spots on my forehead, although sometimes the cheek and nose too.

I've converted to using total natural products with no chemicals in or anything, just essential oils (yes oil, some may say pore clogging but my skin is ultra dry and I'm trying new routines) and natural ingredients.

I've been doing this for like a month now, the first week I thought there might have been some improvement but now this..... It's looking particularly bad at the moment.

I wear mineral foundation, and wash my brushes regularly also.

Soo... it's making me think it's dietary related. I also get eczema and have very sensitive skin which I think could also be linked.

I was wondering what type of skin do I have, any tips?

Plus has anyone gone for a RAST test?

It's a blood test in which they test for food allergies. Has anyone had any luck with this and how have you gone about it?




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That's exactly how my acne is! On the forehead and reddish little bumps...

What I found somewhat worked (or at least made my skin less dry) was this.

At night before I go to sleep, I soak up a small towel in cold water. Then, I fold it up so it fits my forehead and I just place it on my forehead overnight.

Yes, it falls off in the middle of the night, but that's fine. And I've used it for the past 2 days. So far so good! Even though I don't notice big improvements in the acne department, I have noticed that my skin has become much less dry and more moisturized.

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