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Jojoba oil Regimen....

I was reading about the acid mantle last night and decided that, since every stripping routine has not cured my acne, I should try something that will be simple and helpful to my skin. I remember having (at most) one pimple when I was a vegan - Not just a vegan, but I also paid virtually no attention to my skincare. Whenever I would use a spot treatment, I would notice my acne becoming worse, but when I didn't care (and back then, it was second nature for me not to care) and exercised (running), my skin was glowing and happy.

I'm not going back to exactly that style, but I am going to refocus everything I previously considered "skincare." After last night, I stopped using my Borba Clarifying Discovery kit so that my acid mantle could restore itself. I've stopped eating foods that contain added sugar (and I'm also vegetarian) since three days ago, and today I am going to go to Giant and buy a large container of Jojoba oil.

My plan will be as follows:

Morning: Apply Clean&Clear Night Moisturizer (contains AHA's and other ingredients to balance pH level, and this should also absorb any excess jojoba oil) and makeup, if desired.

Night: Use jojoba oil as hair shampoo/conditioner (oil repels oil, so this seems basic enough). Shave, and apply jojoba oil over face and neck. Rinse before bed.

I was going to try the caveman regimen, but I think that's something for me to reward myself with once I have clearer skin. I think that eliminating cleansers and concentrates and toners and such from my life will work for the better.

I hope.

If anyone has comments or recommendations that will advance skin clarity, please add them.

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Alpha-hydroxy acid + arbutin combination worked well for me. :dance:

Also, I'd like to add, that when using skin lighteners, apply natural sunscreens during the day. (Ex: Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide etc.)

Avoid harsh sunscreen ingredients:


Octyl Methoxycinnamate

Myristic Acid, Myristates

Para amino benzoic acids

Methylparaben, Propylparaben generally, avoid all parabens.

And sunscreen that contain oils, those that leave you with a greasy feel.

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Hmm I didn't wash off the jojoba oil but when I used it I noticed the redness I had went down and my skin soaked it up and left me with a glow. I hope it works out for you!!

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