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Just fed up! Life sucks sometimes.

So i find out yesterday that im being laid off and my last day is tomorrow. Then im told my insurance will be canceled at the end of the month of the last day i work. My last day is december 31st so my insurance ends on that day!!! Couldnt they have just made my last day the 1st of Janurary?? Now what am i going to do? I just started taking accutane last month, I cant afford to pay for it without insurance!!! Not to mention i got a ton of bills to pay!! I am just so pissed off. Everytime things seem to be going good, something always happens to where things get f'ed up!!

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That's awful, I'm so sorry. :( My dad's scared about keeping his job. I'm on Tane too, but I'll definitely have to stop it if we don't keep our insurance.

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Thanks. I actually just talked to human resources and asked her if i could move my termination date back to Jan. 2nd. I explained to her how my medication would cost me over 500 without insurance. She was glad to change the termination date. So now im a little more cheered up. At least i have until the end of Janurary now! I get one more month of accutane!

I need to find a job quick!

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