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New here..my story

Hello, im Mark and 19. Started getting acne when i was about 15, but nothing bad..just typical teenage spots. It started getting worse when i hit 17..so i went to my doc who prescribed me duac gel. After a few months this seemed to have worked a great and i was practically clear for about a year with only the occasional few spots.

Unfortunately, earlier this year (May-ish) i started breaking out quite badly. At this time, my house was being re-decorated and there was plaster off the walls and i figured all the dust could be the cause. Now thats finished, my face has got better than what it was...but nowhere near as much as id of liked!

I've been prescribed numerous antibiotics, and dont think any have worked. Latest prescription (about 3 months ago) was lymecycline, but never started the course because of the reviews i've read on the net. So i just clense with tea tree facial wash and apply the duac gel in the evening. Quite reluctant to stop using the duac as once its applied, significantly reduces the redness of the spots.

Also, my face doesn't seem to dry out anywhere near as much as it used to using the cream, not sure why. Because of this, i dont tend to need to moisturise. Is it possible my body is producing more oil to compensate for this lack of moisturising?...hence more acne?!....What a vicious circle!

Thanks for reading and any help. :)

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what happened between 15 and 17?

did you start picking/popping and using cleansers etc? if so, you may have lost your acid mantle - your protective skin layer. it took me 4 years to work that out.

search threads by alexalmighty, waterwater and jancarlo. the do nothing/water only approaches are quite popular at the moment.


btw being male and 19 means that this is likely to work wonder for you ;)

also, i was on duac too for about a year and yeh, it cleared me kinda but of course the breakouts returned. another thing worth considering is your dairy consumption.

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i had pretty severe acne back in June, but i completely got rid of it by:

1) i did a food intolerance test and found out i was intolerant to milk, so i cut that out and not only noticed improvement to my skin, but also my health in general

2) i got a blue/red acne lamp - best money i've ever spent. has basically got rid of all my acne. you should check it out (there's a section on this site on light treatments), and it may be a bit pricey, but can you really put a price on clear skin??

hope it helps - 'message' me if u got any questions

p.s. i also got prescribed duac, but it did nothing for me...

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between 15 and 17....probably all what you mentioned yup. Trying different over the counter products like clearasil and freederm etc. all pretty crap! I've changed my diet already and only drink water. (or beer if when im out) Dont eat chocolate/dairy products/sweets. Pretty sure i don't have an alergy because the year or so i was clear..i just ate shit!

I don't fancy trying the lamp at the moment, abit too sceptical about it to be honest. Think i'll just persevere with my curent routine for abit longer and see what happens....but i just seem to be going in circles with it.

Oh, and is there anything you can do to regain this "acid mantle" or is it gone for good, lol.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. :D

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