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I have been coming to these boards for eight years and recently had a very bad experience with fllers and had to have two cortisone shots and ablative laser treatment to a nodule. i am left with worse scarring than I began with. I have been to several docs and some say it was improper technique others say an allergic reaction. I am devastated and depressed but have moved past my suicidal thoughts and want to fix this to get my life back. I am bound and determined to find a solution and to make this come good. Does anyone have good experience with returning fat or volume loss? The cortisone shots devastated my skin. I am hoping over time this will improve.

To give you an idea of the devastation, I was recently invited to a ceremony in recognition of my work but couldnt attend due to the state of my face and my lack of confidence. I have never been so low.

But I am NOT giving up. I am too FREAKIN good of a person to let acne scars destroy me!!!! I am thin, hot and smart and will not be a victim. Haha.

I have even gone to the extreme of flying to AUS to see Dr Sinclair for dermal grafts. He says this will help BUT I have to let the filler (cosmopalst which is not bovine so no allergic reactions) settle first. I am praying for the day it exists my body. He said one round of dermal grats and Fraxel COZ should give me "pretty good" results. So this is what I am doing...putting my life on hold to do these treatments. I just want everyone to know fillers can go wrong, learn from me and also I ask for all your postive thoughts to see me through this diifult time. I will survive!!

OK dont know how often I will come around because this is very hard for me, but I know I will overcome this!

Take care


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Heidi, I am so sorry and know your pain. I have also avoided events due to my scars, even, as you described, an award ceremony for me. I am also thin and know I'm attractive in spite of the scars. I can do amazing things with make-up lol. But it feels like a ruse, like I'm putting a mask on and I can never allow myself to believe that I'm worthy because of the scarring. I just want average skin, it seems such a small request. Our faces give first impressions and sadly, acne and the residual scarring is like leprosy in our society.

What fillers did you use that damaged your skin? I was excited by the results of the guy here who recently did the silicone injections and would consider it, but please tell us what you used.

You have the right attitude. Keep moving forward. I like to think I'm not DONE yet; the butterfly hasn't emerged yet. I wish all these treatments weren't so damn expensive. Hard to explain to family that I am going to spend another few thousand AGAIN on something that might not work AGAIN.

Please stay around and let us know your progress. It WILL get better.

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Heidi, we can all understand how you feel. its a tough fight. I am inspired by your desire to continue fighting. just do your research, theres options. make sure you do your home work and choose what you feel is best. I hate to see people waste money out of desperation.. most of the time is takes a mutliple treatment approach.

its a long hard journey Heidi. just keep trying. If you try and fail, try again. come around the forum and see whats working for others, ask questions.

Good luck and hang in there. ;)

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