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I suffer from mild to moderate acne and wanted to get rid of it completely so I did a lot of research and came up with my regimen, here it is:

Diet - For breakfast I eat some Rolled Oats with hot water

then for lunch i just have some raw veges(such as broccoli or carrots) and something like a banana

-then for tea I just have the healthy part of the dinner, such as chicken, mushrooms, Brocolli, Courgettes etc

I also have a cup of Green Tea each day

During the day I have about 3Litres of water with about 8 teaspoons of ACV all up

I have no Dairy, and No Gluten

Supplements - I take one Zinc Plus tablet a day(which contains 15mgs of zinc, 7.5mg of magnesium, 10.6 mgs of Vitamin B6, 1mg Manganese and 1000iU of Vitamin A)

- I also take 2 tablets of Omega 3 Supplement(so 2000mgs a day) which has EPA and DHA in it


In the mornings I cleanse with salt water and before bed I wash with warm water and apply ACV on my face


I manage to get about a 45 min walk around the hilly part of where I live.


I get around 20 minutes of direct Sunlight a day

I get around 8-9hours of sleep a day

Is there anything else I can do to help?( I know that everyones skin is different, but i mean just generally)

Am I doing to much or too little, I was thinking of doing OCM 2 or 3 times a week but im not sure how I'll fit that in with my applying of ACV and washing with Salt water(Doing too much can aggravate your skin can't it?)

I also want to add more berries like Strawberries and blueberries, but I can\t really afford them :redface: But whenever I go to my dads I make sure i pinch a few :whistle:

Thank You for reading! =]

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