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I'm never using a topical prescription again

I'm so sick of acne/redness/red marks. I'd like to have one freaking day where I don't look in the mirror and want to smash it to pieces. I'll share my story.

Up until 9th grade, I never had acne. In fact I can only remember one time that I had a zit. Summer after 8th grade and I was on vacation. Dabbed some toothpaste on it over night for two or three days and it was gone. No big deal. I never washed my face besides getting it wet in the shower. I started getting acne around I'd say Thanksgiving of freshman year. I went to the derm and was prescribed Benzaclin and Minocycline and that helped for awhile. Then it got worse and I used the AcneFree three step kit. Again helped for a little bit... then just got worse than before. Still remained on minocycline. Then used the AcneFree Severe 4 step kit, and had pretty good success with that. I started using that in May of my freshman year and by the end of july, my skin looked so freaking good, with just a few red marks. I stopped using that and started using Retin-a to get rid of the marks... it brought facial redness and in the end just left me with more marks. I used straight benzoyl peroxide for awhile. That made things worse. Then Sodium Sulf..something (its in my sig) along with jojoba oil for a few months this past summer. Nothing. No improvement. I stopped washing my face for awhile for about 2 weeks before my last derm appointment and that didn't help anything either. I was given some Finacea and have used it for a month.. again no results. I'm sick of this crap. I'm sick of constantly feeling like everyone is looking at how bad my skin is... sick of never looking people in the eye.. sick of feeling depressed over this stupid fucking skin condition. It's not fair and nobody should have to deal with this. Nobody. On christmas day, I started doing the urine therapy, but I think using finacea too hasn't helped that process. So what I'll be doing now is just using urine therapy and applying it to my face a few times per day (probably 3-4). Now my question is what are some other natural things I can do to just get rid of all these red marks/facial redness and get clear and get my life back? Please help.

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