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New to acne, so sad, any advice?

HIya! I am 34 years old, F, and never had a lick of acne until about 2.5 years ago, while pregnant. I developed a patch of acne on my face, Right side, around my chin/jawline. The patch is very localized, and just when I think it is clearing up, a new round starts again. I can only describe the acne as "pokey," or sharp at a point. They start out like little white bumps, and even if I don't touch them, they turn hard and red and grow.

About a year ago I went to the doc to get a referral to a dermatologist. He wouldn't give me one and instead put me on oral antibiotics (I can't remember thename) and topical clyndamiacin? That worked somewhat, but I developed a vaginal yeast infection. So, he switched me to another antibiotic and prescribed Retinol-A. Again, a vaginal yeast infection. I don't care how clear my face is, I can't walk around with yeast infections! So, I am just on the topical antibiotic and the RET-A.

I have not found they are effective, but Ihaven't given them up just in case. What's next?

One more thing: this last pregnancy totally ruined me. I had recurrent yeast infections. In addition to the patch of acne I developed these oddly placed blackheads. Not a lot, but like 3 or 4 really big ones in atypical places, like my cheek bone. And they persisted for nearly a year!

What I've read leads me to believe i have pyoderma faciale, but should it persist for so long?

Any suggestions on diagnosis? I am going to see the doc one more time and if he won't refer me, I'll get another doc. He says the dermatologist will give me the same thing as he did. What do you think?


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I just want to add that I have had significant scaring in this spot. Nice smooth skin but for this one spot. I think it's Karma..you know, I finally lost 30 lbs and now when I can finally fit into some nice clothes and think I look pretty good, I'm knocked down a notch...

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