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Does drinking apple cider vinegar really help people's complexion?

Since reducing caloric intake of mine, I've found that mixing 2-3 tbs of ACV in water with a packet of stevia makes the best damn drink, while curbing any desire for sweets just a bit. I take it primarily for that reason and the benefits people have claimed from the drink (since it restores body pH I suppose).

But for those who have tried it for sometime, A: how long did you take it for? & B: how were the results - good, bad, negligible, etc.

Oh, does anyone have further 'recipes' they use ACV with? I think the stevia by itself is great with the drink, but sort of uncreative. :think:

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Been taking ACV since September. Started with twice a week. Now, i take it 5 days out of the week. I mix a tsp in a glass of water. Sometimes, i'll add ACV and a tsp of 90 000hu grade cayenne powder to a glass of boiling water. It's a freaking awesome drink. Sometimes, i'll add a lot more than a teaspoon, but that's only because i'm a spice freak (i'm one of those guys that love to eat habanero peppers).

Hard to say whether or not it had any effect on my acne since i've made a lot of other lifestyle changes since starting ACV.

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