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Minocycline is bad liver enzymes?

my dermo told me since i been taking Minocycline for 2 years i should go off it cause of liver enzymes.Im not really sure what this means does anyone know?im sure its not good but im worried if i go off the Minocycline ill start to break out again.unless he put me on something other than the minocycline.now hes thinking of giving me a blood test cause of this like they do with accutane.now i dont know what to do.

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you probly are going to break out, not to be the baren of bad news, I am currently on minocycline, and recently stoped taking it for like 5 days b.c i was sick and on put on another antibotic for my sickness, just for 5 short days of not taking it i broke out!

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Yeah, the concern is that it is processed through the liver, so prolonged use (years) could cause problems. I was on it while in college, and every time i went to the student health center for a prescription, they would want to draw blood and run all sorts of tests. It was fine for me, because i had the student insurance and it was all covered.

when i stopped taking it, i didnt break out. but then again, it didnt exactly have my skin perfectly clear anyway. I have heard that if you kind of ease off of it, your body has a chance to adjust. If you are taking two capsules a day, it might be wise to take one a day for a month or so before you go completely off.

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